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Filtering Samples

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tips on if i sample something and i wanna get as close to erradicating certain sounds in the sample say theres bass or some annoying drums?

would running an eq or certain filters help achieve this, say i just keep the higher frequency sounds



safe for the pm bmc still aint tried installing that thing

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you can't really get rid of drums, you could try a band reject filter, which will notch out a tiny bit of the sound and then place the cutoff around where the drum sound is in the mix, if u wanna get rid of bass sounds, use a high pass filter, which only lets the higher sounds thru, sweep the cutoff thru until you've cut enough of the low end out. if you're using logic click 'inserts' then go to filters and select autofilter. you could try using the EQ as well, turn on the analyzer on the channel eq and u can see what you're doing as u eq it, try cutting sounds out with that.

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