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Pick Live (Live Fantasty Football for £££)

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Just came across this, its live fantasy football for cash... thought some of the betting dons would be on it...




What is Picklive?

Picklive is real-time Fantasy Football. You can play two different games on Picklive; The Big Game and the Live Game.

What’s the difference between the Big Game and Live Games?

The Big Game lasts the course of a match. A Live Game lasts just 5 minutes.

How do I play the Big Game?

Join a Game Room from the match lobby and enter a team by picking 5 players before the match kicks off. It costs between 50p and £10 to enter a team, depending on the price set for the Game Room. The players from each team score points for passes, tackles, shots etc. The aim of the game is for your team to score the most points and finish in the top and win a share of the prize pot.

How does a Live Game work?

They are just like the Big Game, but you enter a team before each 5 minute Live Game starts. There are 18 x 5 minute Live Games during each match. If the match goes into extra time there will be a further 6 Live Games.

How does my team score points?

Players score points for passes, shots, tackles and a host of other things. See the scoring system.

When can I play?

Enter a team into the Big Game before a match kicks off. Enter the 5 minute Live Games once the match has started. See the upcoming matches.

How is the prize split?

First place wins 70%, second wins 20% and finishing third wins 10%.

What happens if there is a tie?

The prize pot gets shared out between players that have tied.

What's the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is £5.

Where do you get your real-time data from?

Four data collection experts collect the data for each match. An umpire makes sure the operation runs smoothly and fairly.

Can you remind me when I can play Picklive?

Sure, check out our iPhone app, follow @Picklivefootie, google calendar or subscribe to iCal.

I have a problem, what do I do?

Use the feedback form. We'll respond within 24 hours. We'll do our best to respond on the same day.

I've got an idea for Picklive. Do you want to hear it?

Absolutely, post your suggestions on the feedback page.

Who makes Picklive?

An enthusiastic bunch based in Clerkenwell, London.

My question doesn't appear here. What do I do?

Use the feedback page to ask any question you like.

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Pot on the Fulham Game is £171, entry is £3

think ill try it out for the QPR - Newcastle game...

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