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Hank Moody

TR0LLING Don't Pay!!!!

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Reading man jailed for dead girl 'being a stupid fucking prick' insults

Natasha MacBryde threw herself under a train after being bullied

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Murky world of internet being a stupid fucking prick

Rail death teen threatened online

Facebook 'trolls' mock dead girl

A Berkshire man has been jailed for posting abusive messages online about a schoolgirl after she committed suicide.

Sean Duffy, 25, of Reading, was handed an 18-week sentence for posts on social networking sites about Worcester teenager Natasha MacBryde.

He previously pleaded guilty at Reading Magistrates' Court to sending indecent or offensive communications.

Police said Duffy also posted abuse about dead teenagers in Northumberland, Gloucestershire and Staffordshire.

Posted video

Duffy admitted two counts of sending a communication of an indecent or offensive nature. The charges related to Facebook and YouTube posts about Miss MacBryde, 15, who Duffy had never met.

She had thrown herself under a train in February after being bullied.

Sean Duffy had never met the teenagers he posted messages about

Duffy subsequently posted messages on a remembrance page set up by Miss MacBryde's friends.

In one of the posts he called the teenager a slut. He also posted a video on YouTube, entitled Tasha the Tank Engine, showing the children's character Thomas the Tank Engine with Miss MacBryde's face.

The magistrates were also asked to consider three other cases when sentencing Duffy.

He had also posted offensive messages, known as "being a stupid fucking prick", about Lauren Drew, 14, of Gloucestershire, who was found dead after suffering a suspected epileptic seizure, Hayley Bates, 16, of Staffordshire, who died in a car crash, and Jordan Cooper, 14, who was stabbed to death in Northumberland.

Magistrates also gave Duffy an Asbo, banning him from using social networking sites for five years.

banned from fb for 5 yrs? pissed in the life of a tr0ll

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jus did the online bit, didnt go the auditions guessing coz i been in trouble before they wont use me

fuck it they will never put any real road people in there too risky especially after that dumb alex girl making threats in the house

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got to be carefull with what u say now like that time I went on holiday when I was 10 and started molesting this 8 year old chick got keep that to myself

plus certain road rap vids not allowed online ne more we are starting to see police controlled internet

for those who thought mods were bad welcome to the age of the I-Feds

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So next time you leave a funny comment on a Youtube video..You better make sure it's just funny and nobody finds it offensive.. Wonder where white people would let out all their racism...

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them tr0lls there

btw can we stop making the word be changed, it made that article kinda annoying to read

he looks like that little fat guy who's on tv

cant remember his name

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