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6-ton satellite to fall to earth

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - NASA's zeroing in on when a six-ton dead satellite will fall to earth.

It expects huge chunks of metal to fly through the atmosphere on Friday.

Where they will hit is still a toss-up. The satellite will scatter a debris field about 500-miles long.

NASA plans to give updates 24 hours before it hits, then again 12, six and two hours out.

Experts say it's not likely anyone will get hit by the space junk, but if it lands in your yard NASA says you should not touch it and report it to police immediately.

The satellite is federal property and it's illegal to keep it or sell it.



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Was looking at the ameetuer footage good stuff if u can't take it u should be paid compensation of some sort

Was looking at the orbit routes this morning for where it may drop amazing stuff

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