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DJ Stashman

“Being Elmo” Profiles The Man Behind The Famous Puppet

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Sesame Street was always a show that transcended race. The focus was on the puppets. Even when real humans would show up on screen, it never mattered what color they were because no one was a bigger deal in the eyes of the children watching than puppets like Elmo. But what would it mean to adults who grew up on Sesame Street if they learned the man behind Elmo was black? In the documentary, Being Elmo, filmmaker Constance Marks introduces us to Kevin Clash, the African-American puppeteer who created the Elmo character.

From the looks of the trailer, the focus is less on Clash being black and more on his hard fought journey to make it as a member of Jim Henson’s troupe. Regardless, for a generation of young people who grew up watching or playing with the fuzzy red character, it’s no doubt going to be a touching story to see that the man behind it all is probably someone different than who they thought.

The trailer is below. Being Elmo premieres at the IFC Center in New York City on October 21.

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