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In Between Mind States

For anyone intrested in Chill/Mellow Poetic Hip Hop ..........

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ive literally just made a youtube channel, mainly because ive noticed some songs are not on youtube and its taken a while to discover/come across artists i now listen to, and im going to be uploading that style of hip hop mainly, I will be putiing up more vid/songs within the next week or so (Qwel, Eyedea, Sadistik..), so if your intrested check the link and vids below:




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its unfortunate that usually the ones who have the best to say have the shittest beats, compared to the crappy talk ones still.

Kanye's beats, lil wayne's stuff is just beautiful music as inrtumentals. would love to hear some poetic stuff over things like that.

take illest mofucker alive on watch the throne for example....that as an instrumental is just....mental.

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