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Scott Hall

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Need to see the full documentary.

Its sad to see one of the biggest stars of the 90s end up like this.

Fuck that promoter who put him on a show while he was seriously fucked up on drugs, people like that need putting down.

Forever will be known as "The Bad Guy"


Kevin Nash stated during last week's episode of Live Audio Wrestling (available here) that ""Scott Hall has re-entered rehab"".

Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Executive Vice President of Creative Development and Operations, appears in E:60's story on Hall's descent from wrestling superstar to a broken man battling alcoholism and drug addiction (airing Wednesday night on ESPN). She says WWE has sent Hall to rehab multiple times and spent "in the six figures" on efforts to help him get sober.

"It's the most amount of money we've spent on anyone," McMahon said. "I just want Scott to get help and to decide for himself that he needs help. It makes me sad. I don't want anybody to pass away prematurely or otherwise really. Scott was an incredibly talented performer, larger than life, charismatic. He's a father, he's a friend. I'm sure he means a lot to a lot of people and it would be a shame for him to pass away."

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its a shame what happened to him...NWO times he was mi fav wrestler...very good in-ring worker and entertainer..memba wen he used 2 come out n do his suurveys 'one more for the good/bad guys'

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