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DJ Stashman

Jay Z To Be Studied As A Course In Georgetown University

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When Brooklyn rapper Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter released his debut album in 1996, he would never have thought that he would be studied as a course in a University years later.

Well, Georgetown University have launched a course called ‘Sociology of Hip Hop: Jay-Z’ which will be studying the Grammy Award-winning rapper. About 140 students have already enrolled for the course – according to the school, this is three times the size of a normal seminar.

The syllabus includes units like ‘Hustling Hermeneutics’ and ‘Monster of the ‘Double Entendre’ and will be taught by seasoned sociologist Michael Eric Dyson who boasts of eighteen books to his name including historical assessments of Martin Luther King to musings of 2pac.

We wanted to take up a serious investigation of (Jay-Z’s) art and craft. Behind the billionaire sexiness of a pop cultural icon, it is worth considering what the rhetorical and literary fuss is about’, Dyson told U.S. magazine,The Nation.

Dyson says he has talked about the curriculum with Jay Z, 41 and the rapper has no objections.

Jay Z in his 22-year long rap career has sold over 50 million albums.


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fuckin sociologists

its like they have nothing better to do

how can i guy even come up with this idea? 'oh yer i will run a degree in jay z' motherfucker people are dying if ur a smart guy go study medicine and save a few lives or do something productive like charity work

some stupid degree to get more numbers thru the doors more pounds in the pockets (yes dollars not pounds)

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