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This is soooo peak

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"It sat in front of him, on top of a pillow that rested on a milk crate. He sprinkled baby powder on it -- what looked like a huge watermelon encased in a compression bandage -- but the unmistakable smell of urine couldn't be completely smothered. "Hard to believe, isn't it?" 47-year-old Wesley Warren Jr. said in the poorly lit apartment. "It's freakish." What sat in front of where Warren was seated in shorts -- what is actually attached to him -- was more than 100 pounds of scrotum, the protective sac of skin and muscle that contains his testicles. "It's not easy to get around," he said, standing and groaning as he lifted his scrotum off its makeshift pedestal and carefully let it hang almost to the floor. "It makes me stay in most of the time." If there is a more unusual medical condition afflicting someone from Southern Nevada, the medical community or patient hasn't come forward with it. Warren has gone public, even though he knows there will be those who laugh at him, because he desperately wants a costly surgery to correct the scrotal elephantiasis that became part of his life nearly three years ago." - Las Vegas Review


Thats so deep.

I rate the brudda for actually going about his daily business though.

Dunno why 1million is needed for surgery though...

Allow America's health care system.

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'warrens penis is so buried in his scrotal tissue he cant direct his urination'

its all fucked, but THAT

nah i really hope someone helps this man

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my grandma told me there was somebody on her island growing up who had this condition

they call it "bamancoo"

never paid any serious thought to it till this

shit is crazy

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