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Im not talking about 10 man and 2 girls in premier inn on the weekend btw

Them properly organized sex parties that porn stars talk about and your always hear about, do they actually exist?

Has anyone ever been to one or want to go to one?

Cant lie I am intrigued but I only imagine it to be old wrinkle white women in them knickers you could bungy jump in...

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Free chicken and chips :rofl:

Anyone into dogging??? Chiswick Lovers Lane - lots of action alone there, go over Hammersmith fly over towards Richmond when you get to the first round about there a petrol station on your left h

do they accept cad online

I know of one in central, but you need to either come in a couple or be female. No single males allowed. Also need to be a member, or invited by a member, and you cant apply for membership lol.

Was gonna say not that hard to find a freak but lol come like them private torrent sites

Dunno I just wanna walk into one and see Jada Fire, Kapri Styles, Melody Nakai, Marie Luv, Aurora Jolie etc not Jane, Barbara and Debbie

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id be shook of STDs n shit just breathing the same air as them freaks, and no doubt itd be 60 year olds n mainly guys

but one day Ill find the courage to use Adultwork, maybe even moreso now im on this 3 month ting that ive already flopped

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Did that vlub lick recently change its name because if it's the place I think it is. Your gonna see pure wrinkly ugly women aged between 35 to 60 with loads of rooms with beds

Par the ting with chicken and chips

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Not really like Majority of the women are with their husbands. He will likely to be one to approach and ask if u want to fuck his wife allot of them like to take pics and film

You can't just walk up to a lady and put ur d*ck in her

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