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Another racism topic


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Last nite an NHL player had a pic tweeted of him and his wife dressed as jay-z and beyonce for the teams halloween party, caused a bit of an outcry some people saying its racism like minstrels back in the day, others saying its fine cos theyre just dressing as celebrities who happen to be black. (the guy is a mexican by the way)

Heres the pic in question...


Racism or not?

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yeh hes a fucking wetback spickano, they too are allowed to mock other ethnics

like the paki said, its not only black people who have a monopoly on mocking other races

the mehican suffered under the daemonz as well so they earned the right

rather than it be racism, its more like a completely poor choice and has no relevance to halloween,

he coudla dressed up as lil wayne tho..he is very halloween-esque as he looks like a dead pharoah who's on display

he just wanted to get attention. he should ask Heidi Lkum how to dress up for halloween

white people have this satan's day on Lock...dont follow them dressing up like a fucking speng




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I see 2 guys on my facebook who I went to school with that have pics like this up of themselves at parties.

1 as a runner painted black with a gold medal round his neck, can't lie I caught jokes.

The other as some street cat with his hair in twists and doing gang signs.

I woulda pied the 2nd dude for that still.

But they were both over kool with blacks so I know it ain't racism, maybe a grossly misguided decision.

More stupidity and lack of consideration than anything sinister I think.

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yeah its not racism just like how lemons isnt raicst

wait till these people have kids

and you will see there true colours

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