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US Presidential Election

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Something seriously looks wrong with Hilary Clinton. All these weird spasms and reactions she keeps having on camera, her avoidance of press conferences, weird green shit caught dropping out her mouth when she's taking a drink of water, constant coughing attacks and now pretty much collapsin and losing her shoe as she is bundled into a car away from the 9/11 memorial. Doesn't appear well enough to be in this race for the White House.

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15 minutes ago, Drift said:

Based on voter fatigue, skepticism towards Clinton from traditionally Democrat voting blocks (e.g. young blacks) as well as the general right wing and anti-immigrant sentiment that's becoming mainstream in Western nations.

I’d say most of that applies to Trump aswell.

The right wing thing in a country where the non whites vastly out number the whites isn’t going to push anybody into the white house. 

I can see Clinton winning but I predict a very low turn out, both of them are terrible candidates regardless.

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I'm British I don't have a vote but given the choice 100% Trump.... But that's because you already know my views and you can't cash in your race cards with me. Every single time I've spoke to an American who says OMG I'd never vote Trump, I ask for a valid reason and all I get is "He's racist"... When my opinion on that is bullshit and ask for a proper reason I get "Fucks it gotta do with you your British what do you know about America or politics" because they really don't have one.

@dub @Yoshie Are you for Hilary?


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