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Fighting Weight

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Will be fighting at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 5th 2012. An opponent has yet to be announced.

Hopefully a venue being booked points toward the beginning of serious negotiations for him to school Pacman. Rumors are also Martinez, as he's been looking for a fight with one of the two.

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I think it's Sergio

A number of sources have been reporting for a few weeks that Mayweather and Martinez have been in negotiations, one of which was an actual [spanish] audio recording of Martinez talking on the subject.

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Guest M12 Part 2

If its Pacman, im battering my credit card to go see it. Dont care

same here. id get gassed. Go out there on a mad one

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if is Pacman or Khan then yeah, its a life time opportunity thing.

We should all go out in VIP2 t-shirts etc

Blade should try get his hand on 20 tickets then sell them on here

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I don't think Floyd will Martinez for two reason.

1) Martinez will be 37 years old come May and if they were to fight I would imagine it to take place at a catch weight of 150Ibs. Martinez has been a 160Ibs for a couple years. At that age he would not be able to come down and still be as good as he is. Look what happened to ODLH when he went down to 147Ibs to fight Pac.

2) If they were to fight at 154Ibs I think it would be a close fight, I would edge Floyd to win. Martinez likes to fight with his hands down and I think Floyd will tag him too many times. However Martinez will come to the ring with height, reach and power advantage and for this I think Floyd wouldn't risk taking on this fight. I don't think Floyd has the legs to potshot and pepper Martinez for 12rnds. He can defo beat bigger guys however the match making for this fight doesn't put Floyd in a obvious advantage.

Bob Arum has come out saying Floyd will fight Morales Boxing Scene If this is true it pretty much sums up Floyds choice of fighters since moving up to 147Ibs

IMO I think they will try and put him in the ring with Saul Alvarez before he moves up to 160Ibs. The kid is still a bit to green like Ortiz but the fight will sell. The main risk would be Alvarez power but Floyd would be smart and exp for him.

Two highlights of my fav Mayweather fights.


And this is the fight that really got him noticed to the public. This was the fight where Mayweather's "bad guy" character was born in the build up and it was also his first PPV fight.


IMO this is Mayweather greatest performance. It is flawless.

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Would like to see and like Gayle says, would be gassed to wanna see it.

Will it happen is another question.


That video...

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Floyd Mayweather, who shared his thoughts on the reports he got about Manny Pacquiao's controversial majority

decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez this past Saturday. Although he didn't watch

the fight, Mayweather was informed via email and text message of the outcome and the

performance of both fighters. You don't want to miss what he had to say. Check it out!

BT: What's up Floyd?

FM: How's it going Ben?

BT: You know, I can't complain, at least not as much as Marquez can about

losing another controversial decision to Pacquiao. I know you didn't get a

chance to watch the fight.

FM: I didn't. I was at the club. I had a party in Virginia. I got some text messages and

some emails about the fight last night though. I didn't watch the fight, but from what I'm

hearing, Marquez got cheated. Win, lose or draw, whoever I fight still has to be tested with

random blood and urine tests.

BT: From what you've heard, do you have any comment on Pacquiao's


FM: I can't really say nothing about him because there's been a defamation of character

case filed against me. In the past, I was able to criticize my opponents and talk trash in a

playful manner, but I guess, you know, with me talking trash to Manny Pacquiao, I got a

lawsuit. I mean, Ali's done it and a lot of the other top fighters have done it. Fighters, we

do it back and forth to each other. I mean, the fight could've happened the way it

happened because, you know, someone is slowly changing so they can prepare to fight

me. They know they're going to have to take the random blood and the random urine


BT: So you think there's a chance that they may actually want to fight you next?

FM: What I don't really understand is, I know Manny Pacquiao can't really speak much

because he don't really understand English, but he may know a few words because he do

live in the States from time to time, so...I personally think it's Bob Arum having a

vendetta. I think he's very very upset with me because, you know, I exposed and I

opened the world's eyes up to different things. I never officially came out and said that I

believe Manny Pacquiao is on steroids or that I believe he's on enhancement drugs; I

never came out and said that he actually is. I only stated my opinion on what I believe in.

My Results of Pacquiao v Marquez III

Dan Rafael:Mayweather has been told by Top Rank


www.fighthype.com/pages/content11193.html 2/3

BT: Well after the fight, Bob Arum was talking more about a 4th fight with

Marquez than he was about a fight with you.

FM: Why? I mean, I truly feel that Marquez is never going to get the benefit of the doubt.

I want to congrautlate Marquez and I want to congratulate Manny Pacquiao for doing it a

third time, but I just feel like if you get it done right the first time, there's no need for a

second or third fight, and if it is needed, do it again in the same fasion and in the same

way, or do it even better. People fail to realize, when I faced Marquez, I was two years off

just traveling and vacationing. I took two years off, no working out, no other activities. I

went into training camp and then the fight had got pushed back because I had an injury,

so that pushed it back a little bit more, but I still went out there and performed and looked

marvelous. If I fight a guy and I don't knock him out, they say, "Well, Mayweather didn't

knock him out." If I knock him out in the late rounds, they say, "Well, what took so long?"

If I knock him out in the early rounds, they say, "Well, you can always catch a guy cold."

Like I said before, I'm always in a no-win situation. If I fight a guy that's my age, they're

going to say, "You know what? He's over the hill." When I fought Marquez, they said

Marquez was over the hill. Remember, when I fought Marquez, I think he was 36 and I

was 32. Now, two years later, Pacquiao is 32 and Marquez is 38.

BT: They also said Marquez was too small for you. I know you didn't get a

chance to see it, but Saturday night, on HBO's unofficial scales, Pacquiao

weighed in at 148 pounds while Marquez weighed in at 150 pounds. He was

actually 2 pounds heavier than him.

FM: I mean, like I said before, I never accused Pacquiao of nothing, but I think I'm entitled

to my own opinion. I just had an opinion. I didn't say, "I know you doing this" or "I know

you doing that." I said some jokes in the past, had fun, doing it smiling, and we talked

about it, but if I was or wasn't joking, it's just my opinion. I'm entitled to my own opinion.

People have said things about me, and wrote and criticized me about things in the past,

but it goes in one ear and out the other. A lot of times, I don't hear about it because, like I

said before, I don't read it if it's negative. If it's positive, then they know to bring it to me.

BT: After the fight, Freddie Roach said that Marquez has given Pacquiao

problems three times now and he has to do a better job of dealing with counterpunchers, but in the past, he's suggested that you would be an easy fight for

them because they have you figured out. Do you think there's a reason why

Roach would make such contradictory statements considering that most people

say you're the best counter-puncher in the sport.

FM: I'm not going to say nothing about Freddie Roach. He's battling Parkinson's Disease,

so I don't want to say nothing bad about him. If he says something about me, they're

gonna be like, "Oh, Freddie Roach is chewing Floyd Mayweather out," but if I say

something about him, they're gonna be like, "Why is he talking about a guy that has a

disease." The only thing I can do is wish Freddie Roach nothing but the best with all of his

fighters and I'm going to continue to do what I do. Freddie Roach has faced me before and

he came up on the short end of the stick. Like I always say, a trainer can't get in there

and fight for a fighter. I mean, it ain't no different for me. A trainer can train you, but you

have to go out there and execute the game plan and that's something that I'm able to do.

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Dan Rafael has posted on his twitter than he has been informed Top Rank will not be negotiating with Golden Boy to make Floyd-Pac because they are going after a fourth fight with Marquez.

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It's Monday evening, I'm working on the site and my longtime friend Nate Jones, Trainer and Team Mayweather member, call me and say "Brother you want to interview Floyd?" shocked and caught off guard. I say 'hell yeah' so i wait by the phone, then once Monday Night Football was over, I got the call.

KARCENO What's good champ, thanks for giving me this interview.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER It's all love, you ready, cause if you’re not we can do this tomorrow?

K: I'm ready; Freddie Roach, Team Pacquiao, and even Manny Pacquiao himself have all said the same thing. Bob Arum seems to be the only one who would rather make a fourth fight with Marquez instead of fighting you. Do you believe that it was Bob Arum all along who prevented this fight from happening?

FM: "It’s like this, when I started my career with Bob Arum, I was one of the best fighters, he ever seen. Then when I become my own boss, then I become the scum of the earth to Arum but that's how he feels, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. When I fought Marquez, they said he's over the hill, even though he just beat a fleet of champions. Now he's 39 and Pacquiao fight him it's the greatest thing ever. You look at the Ortiz fight, how did we even get put in that situation? Did I put myself in that situation, where they was going to be controversy? Like I said I'm always in a no win situation. We just want to give the people good fights, exciting fights."

K: Did you watch Pacquiao v Marquez 3 yet?

FM: "I was sitting in my hotel room, in Greensboro, NC. I'm turning back and forward and watching football. So I said let me watch this fight, cuz I'm not going to give Bob Arum my money, I will watch it on HBO for free, cuz I love HBO, that's my home, but I think it was wrong and this is what's hurting the sport. With Jim Lampley and other people saying Pacquiao won the fight. He lost. It wasn't even a split decision, he lost unanimously but were in a recession, were living in an economic world. Were smart, if Pacquiao lose were talking about between the two fighters, billions and billions of dollars lost. They have to connect Pacquiao's name to mine, so he can make major paydays. I'm not here to count another man’s pocket or what he do, on one side they say he's making 22million, now I'm hearing 6 million. I don't really understand this."

K: People are saying that you and your team are now willing to negotiate a fight with Pacquiao because of how he looked in his last fight. Even though you set a date and venue before the fight even took place you have and response to that?

FM: "you know sometimes I ask myself this, because I'm going through this lawsuit with Manny Pacquiao a guy that barely understands English. He really can't speak the English language, now is it Manny Pacquiao that's suing me? Or is it Bob Arum that's suing me? From what I hear, because I'm not saying it's true or not, but Bob Arum owes Pacquiao a lot of money. No matter who I face, I'm on the A-side of the deal so how can they make me an offer? All my money goes to me. Anytime you mention my name, they’re going to say, all-time great, Pacquiao name has to be connected with mine, I'm a crutch for him to lean on. So I don't know how they going to approach it but I can't really trash talk and have fun, because they suing me, how can we really negotiate a fight if they suing me?"

K: As far as date is Feb solid or is May 5th still in Play?

FM: "I just want to get back in the ring and give the fans some more, but May is the date, May 1st or 5th whatever, if your the best take the test. I'm not singling out one man, I didn't get to where I am but doing nothing but believing, hard work dedication, because there is so much cheating going on in the sport, that's why every man I face will have to take the test, I'm trying to clean up the sport. At one point people in the past speculated on me because they said 'how could this guy dominate all these years and make Hall-Of-Fame fighters look like ordinary fighters. It's obvious, like I said things are changing in the sport of boxing and the fans and the people around boxing can read in between the lines. Things are changing."

K: People are now starting to say that Pacquiao has lost a step based on how he’s looked in his last two fights. Do you think he is the same fighter and do you believe he’s looked good in the past because of favorable style matchups?

FM: "you saw the way he fought the other night, that's not the Pacquiao we're used to seeing as of late. Off balance, wild-ish, very very wild. A change in this fight game is happening, something is happening. I can't really say what it is because if I do, you know. For years and years fighters has talked trash to each other and after the fight they go their separate ways, but there telling me I'm tarnishing his image, I'm just talking trash having fun, but obviously someone feels there is some truth in what I was saying."

K: Do you feel HBO caters more to Pacquiao? and what do you think about the Team Pacquiao accolades?

FM: "I love HBO and everybody on the staff, we have no problems, if I had problems in the past with them, we call them and they take care of it. They make it right. I just don't get how they say these trainers are this and that and I've beat all the so called best trainers. They give a fighter, Fighter of the Decade and he had a loss and a draw in that decade. When I beat Angel Manfredy, I didn't take the IBF, when I beat Mosley I didn't take the WBA, so truthfully, I'm a ten time world champion."

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