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Mame Biram Diouf

AZ - Doe or Die 2

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It seems like the dynamic duo of Nas and AZ are back at it. The two recently reunited and have been performing Nas’s seminal album, Illmatic, together onstage at this year’s Rock the Bells festival, but that’s not all. AZ tells XXLMag.com that fans can look forward to hearing God’s Son on Doe or Die II, the sequel to his 1995 debut.

“Imma say guaranteed he’ll be on that,” AZ revealed about the Queens lyricist appearance on his forthcoming album.

Asked what it was like to link back up with his partner-in-rhyme, the Visualizer said, “[With] me and him it’s like magic when we connect so, it’s that magic all over again.”

AZ and Nas have recorded dozens of tracks together since the early 1990s and along with Foxy Brown, and Nature were a part of rap supergroup The Firm. But none of the two’s songs were as popular as “Life’s A Bitch,” which served as AZ’s introduction to rap listeners. At Rock the Bells, the duo have been reciting the classic Illmatic track, and the experience has prompted the BK MC to look back at his career.

“It’s 17 years [since we recorded that song] and it only feel like yesterday,” he shared. “’’Cause it’s like me and him never aged at the end of the day.”

No release date yet but I cannot fucking wait

Would do anything to hear an AZ, Cormega and Nas track.

Said he wants to go back to that raw style he had on Doe or Die 1

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Life is a struggle, that's why niggas I know stay on the juggle
Some hustle to double, others hug you to mug you
Poverty-stricken, they even turn a church kid into stickin
It seems sickenin, but what? Whatever makes the pockets thickin
Fuck police and no remorse for the beasts
that's lost on the streets, that pistol whip a priest for a crosspiece
Some lost sheep, runnin thru strips, thinkin of top dealers
Fillin Tek clips, wit 'cop killers' that could stop gorillas
Shovin a stubnose in buttholes, I'm nutso
skitzo, clepto, killin shit up throughout the metro
My thug essence will always keep me plugged with drug investments
Sketch my reference, takin papers considered preference
And violations will lead to kidnappin, decapitation
So what you're facin, is realism that's in activation
Livin off land with five honeys playin my hand
Me and fam, sippin off Guinness stout and eatin clams
It's all part of plans, a vet chillin in Tamps, West and Stans
Outta state connect, slugs, sex, drugs and grands

What? For my Height niggas (Uncut)
Trife niggas (Raw), 25-to-life niggas

This is as, pure as opium, purified for street players to open em
space, like three els laced with coke in em
Shots awoken em, fake uniform takes the portion of
six trips, to young clips and killers coachin em
However though, fake ass niggas'll never know
Cos my method's perfected, I'm movin sceptic and never show
I'm soon to blow, stack doe, lay on the low
While I'm sippin Cristal, I mess with Long Island and Moe
A part of nature, me wan' acres in Jamaica
Puffin exotic trees without seeds rolled up in leaf paper
So exhale, cos if I don't live to tell
then fuck it, if well, I'll see the rest of y'all niggas in hell

So all my good fellas, heroin, coke and weed sellers
What the fuck cats can tell us if they ain't got bread to bail us?
Happy to survive, I haven't seen it all, Peter pay Paul
>From the connivers to the livest, they crack fool
It's all war, the streets are filled up with guns galore
Plenty young for war, gettin their minds flunked and sore
Yo dun, c*ck the 4.....

:angry: :angry:

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Yo Dunm, before the sun set
Call connect get all the tech's
I'm vexed, this nigga stall for sex
Lost respect, let's off his neck
My calibre, got me thinkin on a higher algebra
See me I'm just as foul as ya
but you ain't got no style in ya
I'm into bigger cheddar, G's and better, Armarett-ah's
Armani sweaters, plus these crabs could never dead us

Now government official
Got you sippin Cristal in crystal
You fish you foul so you fell and took your fam witchu
I'm out to get you, guaranteed every shell'll hit you
Plus I'm on some shit too
Layin down whose-ever witchu
Mafioso, the New York City 90's era Sosa
AZ, you know my culture
Now my wolves is out to ghost ya

Now you're forced to listen
I got the mind of a grad from Princeton
Play your position, or soon you'll be lost and missin
It's far from fiction
My presence is like that of a christian
With ammunition puttin states under submission
Street addiction, got me tied in thorough with buroughs
Still in the ghetto, but in the cut where it's mellow
Incognito, on the lee-low, like Carlito
Cause we know, niggaz don't really want us to see doe
You never know it might just be yo' time you take yo' ride
to them pearly white gates, watch that suicide


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Why doesn't this room pop off man? Pisses me off.


These man don't want Esco & Sosa to start talking that lavish and plush life on wax. They don't.

My man said back to back benzes with the wild gremlins, Gaudiere style lenses talents in the 40 cal this life now, then the next bruddah came and said millionaire strut with the crist cup, switched up, slow going, gold showing, dough flowing, eyes don't lie, hoes knowing...


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Earlier this week, Hip Hop veteran AZ spoke with SOHH and admitted that with the current state of Hip Hop, his next album Doe or Die II may be his last.

"Going from a major to independent, it's two different zones," he said. "I was doing independent from like '05 and it's a lot of work and then every few years, the game changes itself. This [Doe or Die II] might be definitely be my last album."

AZ admitted that while the game has changed considerably, he has never lost his hunger for the game. "I actually never lost [my hunger] to be honest. It was just a matter of the stars lining up and the doors opening and that certain sound coming back into existence."

The legendary emcee also admitted that he may try a different approach with his last album.

"I might put a mixtape out and then put an album out because this is the last hurrah for me. I've got a couple of cats that come are ready to come out behing me and I've got a good starting team and so I'm just going to play the game."

The Brooklyn, New York veteran's last release was 2009's Legendary, which featured guest appearances from Sheek Louch and Hell Rell.


Been waiting for this badly since he dropped this tune couple years back




AZ >>>>


Top 10 Dead or alive

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After hearing this in Nas concert, reminded me about AZ again, been banging him all week


Killed Nas on one of the greatest albums of all time and so many people don't even know who he is

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they don't make music like this anymore, wondering what this offering will bring

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