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Mame Biram Diouf

Players That Should Have Been Cashed In On?

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If Tottenham really offered 13million Bolton should have bit their hands off and reinvested in 4/5 players. Looks likely he will leave on a free next season. Bad management from a club who is happy to achieve safety and settle at that.


They will never get 10millon for him again and although he has been good since the interest he hasn't been among the best in the league at CB as he was before.


Looked a real gem last season and was linked to Tottenham and Arsenal. Has pleatued abit now when you compare him to other germans like Reus and Gotze. They won't get be able to command 15million anymore


We supposedly offered 30million pound for him. They have an ageing team and are in dire need of re-investment. Not sure what there finances are like but 30mill and his wages offloaded looked a good deal. Don't think they will be able to command that much money next summer unless they quickly improve and get into the Champions League.

I know I have missed out loads and some of mine you may disagree with.

Who would you add to that list? Or who do you think will eventually qualify? Modric?

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Bit of an odd question.

Good players don't grow on trees so holding on to them is good sense.

Who would Fulham have brought in for Haangeland?

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