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Toney Barton


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Also known as autodidacticism.

Was reading about Georg Philipp Telemann earlier and he was an almost completely self taught multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Led me to a wiki of other well known autodidacts, some surprising.

Leonardo Da Vinci - Apart from art was entirely self taught in science, maths etc...

Claudio Arrau - Pianist who received musical training but taught himself English, German, French and Italian.

Christopher Hughes from Eggheads and winner of Mastermind - Left school at 15 to work on the trains his whole career.

Michael Faraday - Taught himself Chemistry and Physics.

Karl Marx - Self taught in Economics.

Frederick Douglass - Famous abolitionist and writer, born into slavery but after being shown the alphabet, taught himself to read and by his early teens was teaching other slaves.

1 of his renowned quotes "knowledge is the pathway from slavery to freedom".

Malcolm X - Self taught in a variety of subjects ranging from Genetics to Sociology whilst in jail.

Abraham Lincoln - Gained admission to the bar in 1836 after teaching himself law and was completely self taught in politics.

Adolf Hitler - Used libraries in Vienna to educate himself.

Heston Blumenthal - Michelin starred chef who apart from a few weeks work experience, is entirely self taught.

The Wright Brothers - Credited as inventing the 1st successful airplane, both school droputs, they acquired their skills through designing and building printing presses and bicycles.

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You also forgot Pierre de Fermat who was a lawyer but self taught in mathematics. He's best know for his last theorem which he claimed to have solve a number theory but didn't have enough space on the paper to write it all out. It took 350 years later to be solve by a British mathematician.

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