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Revealed: mark duggan was not carrying a firearm

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I feel sorry for his family and friends, and i do think the police need to stop lying about things like this but is this really someone we should be mourning ?

all you need to do is read this post and can tell you the type of prick i am

( 25 seconds , far right wearing a red top and dark shades chilling in his boys video like any other guy)

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You heard about that fella in CID we've got working that vip2forum    Getting mugged off left right and centre son

It's Vip2, it's the internet, if you cannot handle a very mild post directed at you poking fun without frothing at the mouth and voicing that there is a collective conspiracy to demean your character

Even if he was a serial killer bottom line is it's not right that police can pitch ANYONE in broad daylight lie about it, get caught out and STILL get away with it.

This is not what the police are paid to do.

They will get away with it because lawfully they did nothing wrong in the action.

The initial lies afterwards however... Well someone has already problem had to answer to that within.

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Guest phonecharger

I love all this Mark would've probably done this to you if he saw you on road talk.

I beg people shut the fuck up if you only know of him from what the media have said about him/only knew of his existence after his. Unlawful death.

Yes he appeared in a few music videos. And?

Talk the ting nuh?

nuh suh


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I love all this Mark would've probably done this to you if he saw you on road talk.

I beg people shut the fuck up if you only know of him from what the media have said about him/only knew of his existence after his. Unlawful death.

Yes he appeared in a few music videos. And?

Talk the ting nuh?

nuh suh



You can always count on this guy to come into a thread and add his trollerry

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or the media have blacked out any news of this, as their reckless handling of the initial case contributed to the Riots scaling as big as they did.

also find it interesting that When the Police started doing their riot related raids on Broadwater farm (which is an area they decided to target last, for obvious reasons) they did there thing in the early morning and later that day, two police officers were chased out of the estate with bottles and bricks,

on one hand you can say maybe the media are learning that theres a way to deal with these things, but on thew other hand, there is now more of a reason to cover things up.

"ohh we didn't disclose information of this guy getting kicked to fuck because if we did we thought it may incite rioting"

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Guest phonecharger

Four police officers stabbed after man snatches knife from butcher's and 'goes berserk'

Four police officers were stabbed as they dealt with a disturbance today in Kingsbury, north London.

The incident is believed to have happened at the Kingsbury Halal Butchers just 100 yards from Kingsbury Tube station and in a busy shopping street.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘Police were called at approximately 8.40am to a disturbance in Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury.


Crime scene: The multiple stabbing is believed to have taken place at Kingsbury Halal Butchers


Cordoned off: Metropolitan Police officers at the scene of the attack, with a paramedic's kit visible in the foreground

‘Officers attended and attempted to speak with a man, who subsequently attacked them.

‘Four officers were injured during the incident and have been taken to hospital.

‘A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and remains in custody at a north London police station.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed to MailOnline that all four officers are in a stable condition.

One sustained a stab wound to the stomach, another sustained head injuries and a stab wound to the arm, a third was wounded in the leg while a fourth suffered a broken hand.

Further down from Kingsbury Halal Butchers on the other side of the roundabout Ketan Vyas, the manager of the VB and Sons cash-and-carry store, described how a man aged 30 to 40 had burst into his shop chased by police.


Shock: The attack happened in broad daylight on a busy shopping street


Stabbing: The area has been sealed off by police, with one man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

He went on: 'He picked up some cans of beans and threw them at the police and then carried on running out of the store and down the road.

'There were a lot of police after him. He was only in here for a few seconds. Fortunately no staff were harmed.'

Shopkeeper Girish Modha said: 'A man was shouting at police in a small alleyway next to a hairdresser's shop which neighbours mine.

'He grabbed a piece of fluorescent tubing and brandished it at police. He then ran down Kingsbury Road, going into a cash-and-carry shop. At one point I think he threw a brick and smashed a police car window.

'He then ran round the roundabout and carried on towards the Tube station. He went into a butcher's, got a knife and that's when the stabbing took place.'

A worker at a Carphone Warehouse store opposite the butcher's said: 'After the incident I saw about eight police officers on top of a man. Ambulances arrived to take away the injured policemen and the man was also taken away.'

Sky's Martin Brunt tweeted that one of the officers was stabbed in the stomach and that the attacker went 'berserk'.

Eyewitnesses told Bottr that police were called after a man began to attack people 'randomly' .

Brunt added that the suspect had been shouting in the street in 'quite a disturbed way', which led to 999 calls being made.


The Kingsbury Roundabout in north London where the incident happened


Injured: Four police officers have been taken to hospital to be treated for knife wounds, according to Scotland Yard, after being attacked at Kingsbury roundabout

Olympia Logofagul, 24, who works at the Kings Coffee shop on Kingsbury Road, said: 'I was working and I saw some police officers standing outside.

'There were a lot of officers, more than five but no more than 10.'

A spokeswoman for London Ambulance Service said they took five patients to hospital, all conscious and breathing.

She said: 'We were called at 8.50 this morning to an incident in Kingsbury Road.

'We sent two single responders in cars, four ambulance crews and a duty officer.

'We treated five patients, they were all conscious and breathing, and they were taken to hospital.'

Kingsbury Road - a busy thoroughfare in north-west London and normally jammed with shoppers on a Saturday morning - was deserted either side of the roundabout, with police having blocked off the road in both directions.

The hairdressers, Mr Modha's sweet shop and a chemist were cordoned off.

There are 30 police cars and 15 ambulances attending, according to reports.

result for di dans

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Has there been any more reports of any fresh police brutality since Mark Duggan?

It does kinda seem like its due but they seem to have gained some sense after the hand this event had in helping to spark the riots.

Yeh think I posted another one where a guy actually called police cos of a domestic disturbance and police went there moved to him and he died.

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