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Revealed: mark duggan was not carrying a firearm

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You heard about that fella in CID we've got working that vip2forum    Getting mugged off left right and centre son

It's Vip2, it's the internet, if you cannot handle a very mild post directed at you poking fun without frothing at the mouth and voicing that there is a collective conspiracy to demean your character

Did the cab man just disappear!?

Whole investigation has been a joke so far

I guarantee the cab man was made to feel threatened.

Let's think logically for a second,

That cab driver is invetween a rock and a hard place,

He's dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't.

Did people really expect him to have a four page spread In the Sunday paper after the shooting,

Anyone who understands the way these kinds/any kind of case works will understand, that firstly the cab man would have been gagged in terms of talking to the media, as it's still a ongoing Case,

And for a second forget forum bravado and all the rest if it, imagine a cab driver with a family, being put in this situation, whatever you say is going to piss off one side if not both.

Whether there's going to be a police cover up is a entirely different matter, but the fact that we've not heard from the cab driver is totally normal in these sort of proceedings.

Imagine if his identity was known to the world. How many people would be putting the screws to him from all sides? It would totally compromise the case. And this case is already pretty fucked.

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Two members of a group set up to ensure community confidence in the investigation of the Police shooting of Mark Duggan have resigned,

The Guardian has learned.

The three-member community reference group was set up by the Independent police commision after Duggan was shot dead by a Scotland Yard marksman on 4 August in Tottenham,

One member of the group claimed the police watchdog is, in some ways, worse than the force it is investigating. He also raised concerns about the handling of key evidence at the scene of Duggan's death, claiming police were allowed to move it.
Scott, who has also advised the Met, says the police watchdog suffers worse flaws than the force it is investigating. "In all of my years of engaging with the Met, I have yet to witness such a shoddy investigation," he said.

These are the people strutting round the world to spread 'freedom and justice' round the globe to those medieval arabs and tree hugging affs.

but cant solve one case of govt injustice on their own doorstep. or the rest 800+ cases regardihng state executions

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Fam how do the met police strut around the globe doing any of that stuff??

Allow the nonsense

The met police love to rush to any developing country a british citizen is killed to "help" with the investigation..sometimes they even try and insist

the met are the face of the British state apparatus

just as how dictators use secret police to carry out their deevs

they ran to libya to go find the murderers of the pc killed some 20suttin yrs ago

what is nonsense about what i said?

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just watchin Without A Trace, some ep about a guy getting shot by police

this rev. tellin his girl it wouldnt be a police investigation if the police didnt smear the victim, news reports sayin they got word he was linked to a drug dealer

so fuckin real

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article is by one of the guys that quit the duggan community group that the ipcc set up its from sunday but is super peak dunno if its been posted in here already

very good article, thats from someone who's seeing whats going on from within. if he has no faith in them, how are those far detached from the met supposed to have faith.

gotta love this country and their attempts at smoothing over 'ethnic' relations tho.

there's been black officers in the police force since the 1800's..none has ever got to commissioner talkless of heading up a crime unit like Trident which is set up to investigate blackies crimes.

so in order to keep people talking and in line with their "we're such a diverse and tolerant nation" they set up a talking shop of log heads with zero power to enforce any real change, but are "advisers" for the policeforce. :lol:

and they cant even get that right.

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That Stafford Scott report from within the IPCC gets me so vex especially from here:

I discovered, within the community, that the minicab from which Duggan was taken seconds before he was shot, had been moved from the scene. This was long before the arrival of the IPCC investigators. When I brought this to the IPCC commissioner's attention she confessed to not knowing anything about it. This was some two months into the investigation. We were later informed by her that the police had wanted to give the vehicle back to its owner, and there was no forensic data on it.

It was later revealed that there was, in fact, forensic and other evidence, of major significance, in and on the vehicle. We were also told that the IPCC investigators had demanded it be brought back to the scene. Weeks after these revelations, we were told by a very embarrassed IPCC commissioner that her own investigators had sanctioned the removal of the vehicle – before they had even reached the crime scene.

It took three months for this to be revealed. It also took three weeks for the IPCC to realise that it had wrongly told journalists that police had been involved in a shoot-out with Duggan. We all know the impact that piece of misinformation has had, not only on Tottenham but on the whole country.

I believe that in removing the minicab from the scene, the police have clearly compromised the evidence. Given that the IPCC sanctioned the vehicle's removal, the entire investigation is now in doubt.

There is one final piece of outstanding investigative work that we need to put into the public arena. We were told that at least three officers had given a statement that they had witnessed another officer, a sergeant, throwing away the gun that was later found several feet from Duggan's body. When we sought to identify the officers involved, we were told there was no evidence to support the allegation – that this statement was in fact never given. Yet we were informed by the commissioner that it had been.

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Stafford has also left the investigation,

he had serious concerns about the objectiveness of and how neautral and independant the IPCC were/is,

feel bad that some sort of justice wont be meated out by way of court, but in reality we all probably knew that it wouldn't have gone that way anyway. but at least threads of the truth have come through piece by piece

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