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'13 Yobs batter Cop for skunk'

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Published: Today

A MOB battered a brave community support cop guarding a drug factory — then stormed inside to nab powerful skunk.

The PCSO, 25, was punched and kicked by up to 13 youths after they realised he had been left alone by hapless bosses. They then broke into the warehouse, which had been secured earlier by his fellow officers, and stole the cannabis plants.

Witnesses said the officer warned bystanders to hide in a nearby cafe before crawling there minutes later covered in blood. He was treated in hospital on Thursday for face injuries. The female cafe owner said: "They left that poor guy by himself and word got round about what he was guarding.

"It was too easy for them."

Ex-Scotland Yard Flying Squad chief John O'Connor blasted the decision to leave a sole officer at the industrial estate in Enfield, North London. He said: "It is appalling. That poor PCSO should never have been left alone to guard a cannabis factory."

The Met Police confirmed the attack but said it would not change its controversial single patrol policy, introduced last year to make cops more approachable to the public.

Two lads, both 17, were arrested. One was charged with burglary and ABH.



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I love the reason they try give about making officers more approachable, what a wicked spin. I seen enough of the Wire to know this must be a budget issue.

pmsl innit



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