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This Way Up Artist Agency new website + new artists

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We're proud to announce our new website has been launched and is now operational.

You'll be able to listen to tracks from the artists direct from their profile and join all their available social media sites including twitter, facebook, soundcloud, mixcloud and more.

We've also got a 'News' page which will have up to the minute updates on your favourite artists from new releases, new mixes to videos and any information the artists wish to share.

Check out our new site at the below location:


We've also got a number of new artists who are doing incredible things in the scene right now and we are extremely excited about representing them in our agency.

New Artists:

European based artists:

El-B: http://twuagency.com/artists/el-b

El-B needs no introduction, one of the pioneers of the dubstep genre. Releasing a number of acclaimed singles over the last decade, none more so than 1998's "Stone Cold," which devotees usually consider the track that built the foundations for what would become dubstep years later!


C-Star: http://twuagency.com/artists/cstar

After touring as the finnish rap-champion and performing with several reggae bands, C-Star finally found dubstep.


Check out our current European artists below featuring some of the scenes leading and most talented artists, all available for immediate bookings:

501: http://twuagency.com/artists/501

Bulldogs: http://twuagency.com/artists/bulldogs

Clubroot: http://twuagency.com/artists/clubroot

Cluekid: http://twuagency.com/artists/cluekid

F-One: http://twuagency.com/artists/fone

G Double: http://twuagency.com/artists/gdouble

Heny G: http://twuagency.com/artists/henyg

J:Kenzo: http://twuagency.com/artists/jkenzo

Jayglo: http://twuagency.com/artists/jayglo

Jay 5ive: http://twuagency.com/artists/jay5ive

Kromestar: http://twuagency.com/artists/kromestar

Kulture: http://twuagency.com/artists/kulture

Matt-U: http://twuagency.com/artists/mattu

Mind: http://twuagency.com/artists/mind

Prjct Myhm: http://twuagency.com/artists/prjctmyhm

Riskotheque: http://twuagency.com/artists/riskotheque

Soul Sinners: http://twuagency.com/artists/soulsinners

Sun Of Selah: http://twuagency.com/artists/sunofselah

Tes La Rok: http://twuagency.com/artists/teslarok

Virus Syndicate: http://twuagency.com/artists/virussyndicate

Von D: http://twuagency.com/artists/vond

American based artists:

ASC: http://twuagency.com/artists/asc

Over the last ten years, ASC has been consistently releasing and performing credible electronic music, a feat which every artist aspires too. This has seen him tour the world Djing and his music has been receiving support from some of the biggest radio stations around including, BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, BBC 1Xtra, XFM and more as well as having his material supported from artists including, Mary Anne Hobbs, dBridge, Instra:mental, Doc Scott, Luke Slater, Laurent Garnier & many more.


Dubtek: http://twuagency.com/artists/dubtek

Dubteks unique music style has seen his vinyl release schedule increase as well as his fan base and the demand for his DJ sets are looking to tour him all over America.


EshOne: http://twuagency.com/artists/eshone

EshOne is a favorite with not only the American promoters with his exciting sets but also international artists who support his tracks including Reso, Joe Nice, Bulletproof and many more.


PLS DNT STP: http://twuagency.com/artists/plsdntstp

PLS DNT STP is a newly formed group from two already established artists. They have already made a stir in the scene with a number of releases and remixes which have had crowds going wild across the globe with having their fans screaming, please don't stop!


Wicked Sway: http://twuagency.com/artists/wickedsway

Melamin & Wicked Sway have put themselves at the front line of dubstep, cutting themselves a niche in the scene with their neuro influenced dubstep.


Check out our current American artists below featuring some of the scenes leading and most talented artists, all available for immediate bookings:

6Blocc: http://twuagency.com/artists/6blocc

AxH: http://twuagency.com/artists/axh

Double Oh No: http://twuagency.com/artists/doubleohno

Endboss: http://twuagency.com/artists/endboss

JoeNice: http://twuagency.com/artists/joenice

Kidlogic: http://twuagency.com/artists/kidlogic

Nick Argon: http://twuagency.com/artists/nickargon

SGNL: http://twuagency.com/artists/sgnl

New Zealand based:

Peverse: http://twuagency.com/artists/perverse

Peverse have emerged as the brightest New Zealand dubstep prospects with regular support on BBC 1xtra from J:Kenzo and Rinse FM from Youngsta.


Tallan: http://twuagency.com/artists/tallan

Out of the depths of New Zealand, comes a new bass driven act. Hailing from the Windy City and now based in the City of Sails, Tallan is carving his sound.


Teknik: http://twuagency.com/artists/teknik

Teknik - If you like your drum and bass funky and dirty then chances are you already know the name.


Australian Based:

Chewie: http://twuagency.com/artists/chewie

Chewie is a Dubstep producer based in Melbourne who has quickly made a name for himself globally with his fresh take on the scene and is tipped to be the next big artist to come out of Australia.


F3tch: http://twuagency.com/artists/f3tch

F3TCH appeared on the scene in 2010 and has already dropped several tunes on esteemed labels like Play Me 2, Ultragore, and Chronos records. His tunes 'Rawness' and 'Your Mum', went straight into the top 10 Beatport Dubstep charts.


Phonetic System: http://twuagency.com/artists/phoneticsystem

Phonetic System is one of Australia’s leading Dubstep producers and co-owner of cutting edge label Gamma Audio.


Check out our current New Zealand and Australian artists below featuring some of the scenes leading and most talented artists, all available for immediate bookings:

New Zealand based:

Alexis K: http://twuagency.com/artists/alexisk

Borderline: http://twuagency.com/artists/borderline

Cern * AUS only (Currently based in the UK): http://twuagency.com/artists/cern

Dose * (Currently based in the UK (available for NZ Jan 2012 dates): http://twuagency.com/artists/dose

Joint Forces: http://twuagency.com/artists/jointforces

Menace: http://twuagency.com/artists/menace

Organikismness: http://twuagency.com/artists/organikismness

Sick Cycle: http://twuagency.com/artists/sickcycle

Australian based:

3rdeye: http://twuagency.com/artists/3rdeye

Boot: http://twuagency.com/artists/boot

De La haye: http://twuagency.com/artists/delahaye

Droid Sector: http://twuagency.com/artists/droidsector

Kloke: http://twuagency.com/artists/kloke

Sook: http://twuagency.com/artists/sook

Spherix: http://twuagency.com/artists/spherix

The Abyss: http://twuagency.com/artists/theabyss

Vishnu: http://twuagency.com/artists/vishnu

In most cases when a promoter from New Zealand or Australia is interested in booking an artist from the other country we can contact our data base of promoters from that country to secure additional shows while the artist is there allowing the travel costs to be shared amongst the promoters, reducing your overall costs.

Get in touch with our professional, experienced and helpful agents to discuss your DJ booking requirements

This Way Up Artist Agency:

Web Europe, America, New Zealand, Australia & Asia: http://www.twuagency.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thiswayupagency

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThisWayUpArtistAgency

GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/114134731193377607228

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