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Ur past is ur past n ur future is ur future

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N all that

But how u meant to move on into the future

Wen ur past is full of regrets

N ppl judge u on ur past wereva u go

Drop some light VIP

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Your future is a combination of random events out of your control, the actions you took in the past and the actions you take today and there on.

You're in control of the latter, that's what really matters I guess.

Doing something pro-active with yourself each day will build momentum and before you know it you ain't looking back on the past, you're looking to the future.

But that's the hardest part because you have to have faith in yourself and only yourself. It's like you're working blind; it's hard to see how the good things you are doing today are even helping your tomorrow.

But no forum is going to help you, only you are able to do that. Work in the dark, shed your own light.

Good luck

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