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Lol, Frimpong is sick


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Arsenal's Emmanuel Frimpong has signed a new deal with the Gunners – for his Dench fashion range to be sold in official club shops.

Label co-founder Lethal Bizzle – the rapper and Manny are second cousins – said: "As an Arsenal fan myself, I'm over the moon about the collaboration."

Fans will be able to get their hands on the threads at Arsenaldirect.com and in Arsenal stores from Saturday.

The Gunners' midfielder wore a Dench vest under his shirt in the recent defeat to Manchester City, showing it off as he wound up ex team-mate Samir Nasri.

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It seemed, for a split second, as if Dame Judi Dench had become a sportswear icon. First, the Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong was seen wearing a vest bearing the slogan "Dench". The Daily Mail and other websites reported that it "seemed to be in honour of Dame Judi Dench". Then an article on the TalkSport website showed Frimpong sporting a Dame Judi T-shirt, the Oscar-winning actor's face emblazoned across his chest.

"Emmanuel Frimpong and UK rapper Lethal Bizzle have launched their own fashion label… inspired by Dame Judi Dench," it announced. "The enterprising duo set up their 'DENCH' T-shirt range in August, selling more than 10,000 garments emblazoned with screen prints of the iconic British actress, and now plan to expand the collection to include Judi Dench hoodies, hats, shirts and sweatshirts."

Bizzle is most famous for his carnival anthem POW! (Forward), which was banned from being played in some nightclubs because of the riotous reaction its aggressive lyrics provoked, so this seemed an unexpected leap. Disappointingly, for those hoping Dench really responded to the news by saying: "I've won an Oscar, 10 Baftas, seven Oliviers, two Golden Globes and a Tony award, but being the face of Emmanuel Frimpong and Lethal Bizzle's T-shirt empire totally murks all of that", the brand has no connection with the Cranford star.

Frimpong's T-shirt was referring to the slang term "dench," invented by Bizzle and popularised by other grime artists. "Dench can mean a good or a bad thing depending on the context you use it in. It can be: 'That girl looks dench!' or 'Your breath smells dench!'" explains Bizzle's manager Nadia Khan.

"The picture is doctored and those quotes are made up. They've never made any tees with Judi Dench's face on," says Khan. But why would anyone bother? Were Bizzle and Frimpong at least in on the joke? "Nah, it's just something we did ourselves," says a Talksport spokesman. "It's just a joke."

In the fast world of internet memes, though, one website's bored Friday-afternoon prank is another's merchandising ploy. Don't be so sure you won't see Dench's face at the Emirates next week, even if its not an official Bizzle & Frimpong product.

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My surname is Dench and it actually disgusts me that our family name is being used as ridiculous 'urban' slang. Does no one use real adjectives in this country anymore?? And to put it on tshirts like a brand??! What the f???

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Literally never saw him make 1 challenge

Wait till the opta stats come out, garantee you he made less than 15% successful challenges and less than 60% succesful passes.

The guy looked like he had already played 90 minutes, loses his game in the dressing room and build up

Absolute nothing in him tonight, absolute dead weight being carried



Now i know that werent the real Frimpong.

The streets got a hold of his attention and drive, his too interested in trying to be a hoodstar

Get this cunts shit catchphrase out the shop, he's done nothing to be promoting shit at a professional level

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