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Outside London UK & Europe Clubbing

Seth Rollins

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From my experiences around Europe, Norway's defo the one,=. I'm going there in Jan to shoot a video. I can't even go on like I did when I went last time.

Prague also has VERY nice women. Just be alert though coz just like Poland, their men don't take to kindly to 'brothers' moving to their chicks. Italy was emotional (Not the good kind). I don't even know how the Balotelli's of this world deal with the raggo racism.


but from past experience in place like napa them chicks like to stick to their own or are weird


Experienced this closer to home some years back in Wood Green.

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fuck it gnna get cracking

oslo ?

theres some polish winners in the ends..... i swear if you see some of there husbands and that its a ^_) ting.... but not backing there deep voices and dead dress sense

plus eastern europeans just make me think sauna


remember the man out there ain't swagged off, them bitches don't have choice out there.

Fuck what a bitch wears, I'm tryna see her out of them clothes.

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not going next week am I ?

spring times

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browns with its fucking revolving dancefloor :lol:

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Gonna do the Preston weekender first 70 return for train £56 for the hotel from Friday until Sunday mid day. f*ck napa

Was looking at browns Facebook page some alright slores there where else is there don't want to go to the same club on both nights?

make sure you go preston during uni season or the slores might be lacking.

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Guest chap44uns

smh jus went through the facebook

place looks sickening

brightly lit rooms full of northern belly birds, algerians in full denim outfits n fresh affs throwin gang signs with their dad

same cunts in their every week

f*cks sake this country is depressin


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