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The offer was bullshit and Hearn knew it. 

As Kellerman and Smith said; perception is AJ would happily fight low risk guys for 30 Mill as opposed to fighting a live challenger for 40/50.


AJ is bullish now as he probably thinks Wilder is in decline and fighting/beating him after a possible Fury rematch would hold less weight. Especially after Hearn as spent the longest time telling everyone that Wilder is a pretender who nobody knows. 

A promoter should follow (hate to say it) Dana White's lead. He makes every fight seem like it can go either way to boost interest. Don King (again hate to say it) was the same. The public want the AJ Wilder match in spite of Hearn and Aj's teams movements. 


Either way I expect Whyte to beat Chisora and to get his rematch. That or Wilder will have to bend over and take a shitty deal. 

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