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10 hours ago, kerser said:

Extra careful how? 

I was following up on what Thizz said. Hearn hasn't used any words such as duck when talking about trying to sit down with Khan and discuss the Brook fight, but anytime he's asked he's not got anywhere. Seems like he treads on egg shells in terms of trying not to piss Khan off (no surprise, being Matchroom's only other household name). 

He's also said something along the lines of 'if the Crawford fight happens he won't be involved cos he doesn't really want to make that fight'... so if that is the case and it covers him in terms of him still having 1 more fight left in their three fight deal, I don't expect him to start talking about ducking anytime soon... just more talk of Khan wanting the big legacy fights.

Lets see where Brook goes from here now.

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Hopefully, then we can watch Joshua duck him until 2020

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23 minutes ago, The King said:

Wilder Fury rematch ordered by WBC



Eddie trying to put out the propaganda atm saying fury is ducking Joshua after he’s sent him a dead offer.

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BJS on BT now

Inoue on sky 10pm

Wilder on sky 3am

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