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mitcham maffia

Mr Wong Appreciation Thread

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Mr Wong had a string of hits on Channel U during 2005 to 2008

Then he released a video on a football pitch which for some reason never got on to channel U

He went on westwood and claimed it was "politics" as to why this video wasn't on tv

he hasnt been on tv since bar a few cameos in videos including one for Bashy

he released quite possibly the worst westwood freestyle of all time

but his production skills seemed interesting and he did have a general buzz at one time

so what went wong? (wrong)

catch Mr Wongs videography at http://www.youtube.com/8t2artist

and big up Mr Wong legend in this here scene

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Guest haze-e

LMAO. Chanel is a good friend of mine. To this day I ask her of all people to make a song with, why Wong and Saskilla??


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