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Liege/Florence shootings

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The Belgian rampage:

From the Daily Mail website:

"The source said Amrani, who came from a North African immigrant background, also had convictions for drug dealing, handling stolen goods and sex abuse."

^ Notice the juxtapostion of his immigration status with his criminal record <_<

The Italian attack:

Racist man goes on rampage against Senegalese vendors. I hate this, because I've seen how Italian people behave around African immigrants in Turin, my ex lived there for a year and she got used to turning down the Senegalese flower sellers, and the hustlers around the city..I always found it fucked up. Seeing rich Italians in Prada sunglasses and Armani suits completely blanking other human beings is fucked.

Seems to place immigration very firmly back on the map for debate, doesn't it? I may be reading too deeply into it, but the timing of this is strange. Belgium, Italy and Norway (remember that one?) all went through big political changes right around the time of these shootings. Norway was debating recognizing Palestine, Italy just got Monti (I think he's still crooked, but more left that Berlusconi I think), and Belgium has just (in the last week) formed a six party coalition government...

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