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You are not wanted here Just watch it from your TV.

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VICIOUS neo-Nazi soccer thugs yesterday fired a chilling warning to black and Asian England fans: Stay away from Euro 2012 or you'll end up in hospital.

Gangs are plotting to ambush supporters at our three qualifying matches in the Ukraine.

And hardline right-wing factions of the "Ultra" hooligans pledged to target non-white English fans.

One shaven-headed yob The Sun tracked down in Ukraine's capital KIEV — where England play Sweden in their second game on June 15 — issued a sickening threat last night. Burly Sergei, 24, said:

Open_Quote_359000a.gifWe believe black and Asian people should stay in their own countries. We don't want them here for Euro 2012.

We are not racists but we have the right to defend our country if blacks from England or anyone else come here looking for a fight.

If these people want to stay safe they should stay away from the Ukraine and watch the football at home on TV.Close_Quote_359001a.gif

And in the tough mining city of DONETSK — where Fabio Capello's men play France on June 11 and hosts Ukraine on June 19 — a hooligan ringleader called Valdik, 30, echoed the warning to our fans.


Warning ... thug Valdik, in a hoodie to hide scarsDan Charity

Wearing a hoodie to cover his battle-scarred face, he said: "We will offer them a choice — they can run like cowards or stand and fight us like men.

"But if they choose to fight they will wake up in hospital."

Fears of racial attacks have prompted the Foreign Office to issue a specific warning to the tens of thousands of supporters planning to travel.

Official government advice says: "Foreign nationals have been victims of violent crime in Kiev and other major cities in recent years.

"In some cases attacks have been racially motivated. Travellers of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent and individuals from religious minorities should take extra care."

Kiev has the highest concentration of neo-Nazi supporters of the Ukraine's far-right Svoboda Party. which has links to the BNP and the English Defence League here.

Andrey, 30, a leader of the Ultra gang attached to top club Dynamo Kiev, warned:


Fiery ... Ukraine fans light flares against England last year

Open_Quote_359000a.gif The English fans have a reputation for hooliganism and our boys are ready to fight them.

There have been racist attacks in Kiev — not killings, just serious beatings — and I cannot guarantee that won't happen when the English come to Kiev.

A lot of the hooligans like me are supporters of the Svoboda Party and agree with their view that people should stay in their own lands.

It is not right that black people go to countries like England and take over whole cities with their own cultures and languages. That is not tolerated here.Close_Quote_359001a.gif

Right-wing gangs in Kiev were at the centre of street battles in which travelling Scottish fans were injured there in 2008.

Meanwhile in Donetsk more than 4,000 police will throw three rings of steel around the city's 51,000-seat Donbass Arena stadium for two of our qualifiers.

But yobs are already laying plans to pick off drunk or unwary Three Lions followers who wander away from the protective cordon.

Hooligan ringleader Valdik — whose gang, known as "Za Boys", is glorified on its own website — insisted neo-Nazi influence was not as strong as in Kiev. But he warned that a 700-strong army of thugs is preparing a violent welcome. He said:

Open_Quote_359000a.gif England fans may not appreciate our welcome if we catch them alone without the police to protect them.

Fulham fans came here a couple of years ago and 20 of us took on 100 of them. We had no weapons — just fists — but they looked at us as though we had Kalashnikovs and refused to fight.

We are hoping for better sport when the famous England hooligans come next summer.Close_Quote_359001a.gif


Flare ... Ukraine v England, 2010

If England fans avoid the hooligans, then the POLICE in the Ukraine are just as tough.

The Sun sampled the strong-arm tactics of a team of riot cop stormtroopers waiting for them. The crack "Berkut" units, known as The Golden Eagles, will swoop on any England fans who step out of line in the tough ex-Soviet state.

We visited a training camp near Donetsk — with its own boxing ring and martial arts centre — where they have been practising with mock hooligan battles.

The man-mountain team are all at least 6ft and bursting with brawn. The muscle is matched by a personal armoury of automatic pistols, batons, CS tear-gas grenades, helmets and shields.

England fans will be constantly watched and monitored on CCTV from a police control room in Donetsk, where UK spotter cops will work alongside local officers.

Between 600-800 Golden Eagles will be on permanent standby, ready to race to troublespots within minutes if violence erupts. A new prison block with 46 cells has been built in Donetsk to house up to 150 fans and a fast- track court system will jail yobs within three days.

Booze will be banned on match days within a mile of the new stadium, which has its own jail cells.

Donetsk security chief Andrei Anosov said: "I have a message for England fans.

"Behave and you will have the time of your life in our city. But misbehave and you will be shown no mercy.

"Well-behaved fans have absolutely nothing to fear in Donetsk and will be given the warmest of welcomes. But we will come down hard and fast on anyone who comes here looking for trouble.

"That is our promise to the hooligans."


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Should just organise a ting and get 19k black men to go down there for a scrap then we will see what time it is


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this is an empty threat from a shit source


demonization of the hooded jacket is complete

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:lol: :lol:

what a load of bollocks. they wont do shit, the media love painting the eastern european hooligans up as some invincible army. fuck them, they never want to know even numbers.

man citeh took the absolute piss against poznan when they were out there and their meant to be polands best.

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Should just organise a ting and get 19k black men to go down there for a scrap then we will see what time it is


Good luck with finding 19k black or Asian' who care enough to do anything.

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Obviously tongue in cheek

The vast majority of black and asian people want England to lose.

Only type of guys you get out there of ethnic minority in england are those

black guys who are also hooligans and go pub have the white wife and talks like a geezer

or rich indian 20 to late 30's who want to support the motherland

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polands anything just full of fat bald wannabes....a few years ago when you had all them danny dyer type shows looking for hooligans.....the poles admitting to wanting to be like the turks and the english....

ross kemp went there and theres some typical fat polski in his flat with his wife..kids..and whole fmaily in some 3rd world living conditions saying he hates chocolate faces...when asked why its because they walk around his are like they own it...camera pans....just a sea of white faces

hitler should of just wiped out all them polish villages.....

as for ukraine meh

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