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The New Diaby

The Dressing Room (Full Time)

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What would you say?

Manchester City:

"I am so proud of each and every single player in this dressing room (point fingers), there is nothing more you could have done and on another day you'd of won this by two or three goals (pats people on the back)

You know coming of this pitch, man for man you're worth just as much as them in terms of effort and determination, I believe this is the strongest performance I have seen from you.

What ever you do, don't go away from here feeling down, we've put up a fantastic performance and the belief in this squad is something that I believe will bring us on to greater things.

I tell you now, there is something bright around the corner for you, lets keep this level of performance up and I garantee we'll be lifting silverware at the end of the season"

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then your cleaner dad walking past at the time just didnt care if he was gonna get sacked

popped his head in the room....mop and bucket in hand......and say

"man all of u can suck you mums, you lazy cunts"

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