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the best smell in the world is...


the best smell in the world is....  

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    • baking bread
    • baking biscuits
    • a new car's interior
    • pussy
    • your fav cologne
    • chips
    • mom's cooking

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Petrol.Used to enjoy going to petrol station as a yout.

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Weed......Nuttin smells better than a nice fat fresh skunk spliff....apart from baking biscuits...lol
allow it thats just any crack these daysone yout was tellin me how this dealer used to spray aerosole all over his sh*t, an the youts just kept comin backan i always used to get some draws that would smell kinda perfumee an frigg up my craniumwhen it comes to the erb, that high grade smell, sort of nutty smelly sho erb that u kno will giv u a nice high an not mong u out
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Guest Seriouss

Hate to be cheesy but there is nothing nicer than the natural smell of the person you love. So comforting and sexy.Oh, except the crack pipe biggrin.gif

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