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CES 2012. 9-13 Jan

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starts Monday, cannot wait, i know theres gonna be a bag of new phones and gadgets

apparently theres gonna be 4K TV's, MS might announce Xbox 720, bare tablets, HTC might drop a few things, Samsung Galaxy S III etc

heres an article on what to expect


Engadget, Tech Crunch, CNET etc will have bare sh*t once it gets popping

anything you man are looking forward to?

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couple things i found interesting

LG's 55-inch 'world's largest' OLED HDTV eyes-on


Thermador Freedom full-surface inductive cooktop oven mitts-on


We'll admit it, cooktops aren't all that sexy as a rule. But Thermodor's Freedom full-surface adaptive induction unit we just happened upon at CES Unveiled this evening certainly takes some steps towards making that almost true. Touting a 6-inch touchscreen that displays the pot's shape and position and enables easy one tap control of each vessel's cooking temperature as well as up to 4600-watt maximum output power. A benefit of this seamless layout is that due to inductive cooking's magic, pots can be reconfigured while cooking without the need to wait for an element to heat up. While we weren't allowed to do any cooking tests, we expect the surface does get hot and can cook food. Thermador's flagship Freedom surface is due to ship in Jul 2012 for an sound about $4949. Hit the gallery for some pretty hot see-thru pics of the inner workings of the Freedom.

Toshiba's 55-inch 4K glasses-free 3DTV


Gametel bluetooth controller for Android and iOS


Powertech Ultra Slim outlet expander brings USB ports to your wall outlet


Ubuntu TV making its debut at CES, gets short demo clip


Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth promised that Ubuntu would come to TVs eventually, but we never expected it would arrive so quickly. A concept preview is here at CES for convention goers to get their eyeballs on and we'll be swinging through the company's booth to get some hands-on. For now it's largely a technical demo and concept, but there are already some neat features on display like a 3D dash, searchable guide and streaming video apps. The goal, the company says, is to "uncomplicate television" by removing as much of the paraphernalia that accompanies it -- primarily the boxes and cables. If you can't be here to check it out in person (or can't wait for our own preview), check out the gallery below and the video after the break.

SpareOne: a cellphone that can run for 15 years


If your car's broken down, nursing your smartphone's short battery life can be a real nightmare when waiting for rescue. Of course, that might not be much of a problem if Xpal Power (the company behind Energizer and PowerSkin) has anything to do with it. It's developed the SpareOne, a super-cheap phone that runs from a single AA Battery and will reputedly maintain its charge for up to fifteen years. The dual-band GSM phone is designed for emergencies, transmitting its location alongside its call ID, or as a loaner phone for big corporate events. You'll get an Energizer AA battery and a microSIM in the bundle which will set you back $49.99 when it arrives at some point this quarter. At that price, we can imagine throwing a few in the trunk for breakdowns, when we're doing our Bear Grylls routine, or during the Robopocalypse.

Belkin announces WeMo home automation system; controls electrical outlets with your smartphone, motion


If you're looking to control the electrical outlets of your home or apartment via your newfangled smartphone, Belkin has you covered. The company has unveiled the first two products of its newly launched WeMo line of home automation technology. The WeMo Home Control Switch is a plug that doubles as a programmable on / off for any device from lighting to coffee pots. Alongside the outlet power control, the WeMo Motion Sensor will detect your movement and when used in tandem with the Home Control Switch, can be programmed to power on electrical items in reaction to motion. Both pieces of the Belkin kit require the free WeMo app and will set you back $49.99 and $59.99, in order of mention. These two initial products will be available in the US in March, with more devices coming in the Fall.

that one looks really interesting depending on what other stuff they come out with

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Quad core phone


We've been hitting Fujitsu phones for a while, looking in awe at the super-thin gear that remained firmly in the hands of the Japanese. Fortunately the Consumer Electronics Show is the perfect time for the company to further tease us with a product that might just make a trip to the west. Yesterday we got our mitts onto the Arrows Mu and today we've got a really special exclusive: a first look at the prototype of the quad-core packing Arrows super-phone. So, what delights are tucked inside and is this going to be the phone of 2012? Head on past the break to find out.


video on there

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Microsoft Kinect coming to Windows on February 1st, up for pre-order now!

Straight out of the horse's mouth: Kinect is oh-ficially coming to Windows starting on February 1st! We've seen Microsoft's PrimeSense-sourced motion sensing system used for just about everything outside of gaming, but proper Windows compatibility is bound to mean huge, huge things for its future. Wondering what's next for Kinect? So is Microsoft, and in just a few weeks, it'll make it even easier for you to answer that.

Update: It's up for pre-order now! The $249.99 price tag ain't pretty (consider this -- the standard Kinect, with games, is but $120), but it'll probably be a premium that many hackers are willing to pay. Thanks, Mary Jo Foley!

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Yeah Knew Kinect would be coming to PC

Dunno why so much though.

Any news of the Galaxy 3, rumours that the specs for it are f*cked

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The new Razr for Verizon. 8.99mm thick, 3300mah battery. That's more like it! Beastly

The iPhone 4 has a 1450mah just for comparisons sake

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Moneto NFC microSD to bring contactless features to any Android phone


DeviceFidelity and Spring Card Systems have teamed up on a NFC-capable microSD card that will hopefully forgo the need of buying specific mobile handsets for the privilege of contactless payments. The card, which has been in development for a few years, houses an NFC radio and antenna that deals with payments through MasterCard's PayPass system. Moneto's iPhone case is already available, offering swipe payment delights for iOS users for $80, and includes $10 of spendable cash. The microSD card is set to land in the next few weeks, pegged at $30. Both will be available at the source below, with plans to support several -- as yet unnamed -- Android devices by Q2, rolling out further throughout 2012.

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