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Meek Mill

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should change this to my alarm


thie early bird get the worm first

sixteen, we was out there on that curb first

wit a quarter tryna see who get a bird first

like f*ck a undercover cop we tryna see who gettin served first

yeah we was dead wrong but we had to learn first

we aint give a f*ck whoever fronted us got burnt first


we like we gon get this paper

my shooters was tryn kill i'm like we gon get em later

tryna turn a dollar bill into a pretty situation

just thinkin bout them benjis got a nigga in the matrix


losin patience my mind racin

plus my seed growin so you know i need doughin


i used to score my lil L

thinkin bout my master plan

tryna get a million f*ckin dollars out of half a man

cause bein broke got a nigga feelin like a half a man(realest words)

we gon get this money though

we just in a traffic jam

(we gon get it)

and i wanna live the fast life

fast cars fast bitches fast money fast bike

i was in the dark

sh*t that money was like a flashlight

cause i started shinin same day i got my stash right

(same day)


this money aint a joke

niggas lookin like snakes

they was cool when i was broke

but now i'm gettin money

they lookin at me funny

that's what i get my heaters

cause i ain't never been a sleeper


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Until yesterday when my boy told to listen to it properly I slept on this track.


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