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Em Dott

Quick question about freeview

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So I bought my girl a 32" LG HD TV for xmas and just set it up for her, but what I've noticed is that when it did the auto tuning the only channels it is showing on digital TV are the BBC channels and a few others here adn there. ITV, channel 4 and channel 5 as a few are not coming up when I set the TV to watch digital TV. It only works if I set it to watch analogue TV and then the reception is quite poor, nowhere near the quality of the BBC channels.

Is it linked to the strength and/or positioning of the antenna or are LG TVs just funny like that. I have a Toshiba and every channel will show on the digital TV, regardless if it is a normal channel or a freeview channel so I would expect this TV to do the same, especially as her sister has a TV by a no name brand and it will show every channel and even provide info for it. With the digital switchover coming I know this is what shoud be happening, but I'm puzzled as to why the digital TV is not picking up even ITV and the like.

Someone help me please. I hate feeling like technology is getting the better of me :mad:

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