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Chavy and Ahmadiny mock baracka and his daemonic cohorts "When we meet, the devils go crazy"

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Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez joked about having "a big atomic bomb" and mocked US disapproval during a meeting between the two allies in Caracas.


Despite their geographical distance, the two countries have forged increasingly close ties, a lot of which is down to their shared anti-Americanism, although concrete projects have often lagged behind the rhetoric.

"One of the targets that Yankee imperialism has in its sights is Iran, which is why we are showing our solidarity," Chavez said during a joint press conference. "That hill will open up and a big atomic bomb will come out," he said of a hill next to his Miraflores Palace.

"When we meet, the devils go crazy," he said, mocking US warnings that Latin American nations should not help the Islamic Republic.

Ahmadinejad concurred: "Despite those arrogant people who do not wish us to be together, we will unite forever," he said.

The two men hugged, beamed, held hands and showered each other with praise. "President Chavez is the champion in the war on imperialism," Ahmadinejad said.

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The thing is is that some people actually believe the joke about the hill opening up in America. I bet some strategist is calling it a double bluff on Venezuela's part and gassing up Sarah Palin right now.

America, vote Ron Paul. Go to Iran. Go to Venezuela.

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