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Madeline, That little girl kidnapped in Portugal.

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It is a very sad story and I like most people hope the child returns safely to her parents.However at the risk of sounding unpopular there is something that is bugging me, I dont know if a topic discussing this has already been done but here I go anyway.Where were her parents? Apparently down at a restaurant having a nice romantic dinner while their twin babies and 3 year old daughter remained alone in their hotel room/appartment.Why is no one blaming them and entertaining their quarms with the portuguese police saying it is the polices fault and that they are considering legal action. I dont care if they needed time by them by themselves, you never leave your children unattended with no form of appropriate care. As such the blame must fall squarly on the parents of little Madeline.This might be harsh but when they look in the mirror they should know that they have contributed to their daughters almost certain death.Does anyone else agree with me?

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