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Never heard of this. But I might as well plug some HDR pics I took last week on holiday(malta).

do not send pics to multiple girls at the same time   i repeat do not send pics to multiple girls at the same time   it creates some sort of group where you all talk, its not individual private pi

horrible parenting these 80's born parents and their attention seeking through ridiculing their own kids on the internet is getting out of hand, and somebody needs to address this.  is this

Pic come out funny swear this chaps guy watches me to hard some battyboy flex GET A LIFE STOP BEGGING MINE. I was 19 when that pic was taken way back at some concert in Finsbury (the bait Nike hat is a giveaway) yeah pic makes me laugh though swear someone started running joke hence everyone laughing and my laugh coming up boss eyed lol.

Niggers who don't age>>>>>

Don't know if the air Max's are still in circulation buy one with your next giro

Chaps post some pics from your wonderful life

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Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom owned 40 percent of the company when Facebook purchased it for $1 billion today.

That means Systrom got about $400 million out of the deal today, according to a report from Wired.

Co-founder Mike Krieger owns 10 percent of the company and will get around $100 million.

This ownership breakdown in Wired doesn't appear to account for a new $50 million round which closed on Thursday last week.

Here's how the rest of the investors and employees made out, according to Wired:

  • Benchmark Capital owns 18 percent, picks up $180 million.

  • Andreessen-Horowitz owns 10 percent, picking up $100 million.

  • Baseline Ventures owns 10 percent, picking up $100 million.

  • The rest of Instagram's employees own about 10 percent of the company and will split $100 million between themselves

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imagine, thats from an APP, bloody hell, if i knew how to code i'd be allover this kinda of stuff, inspirational!

but there has to be a point where the 'social media' bubble will burst, only soo much sharing and connecting 1 person can manage of a wideeeeeeeeeeee range of platforms, it gets a bit nauseating, well for me it does

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