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So on the new update you can private message 





Na na na private photos and videos... 



>Aside from simply viewing and liking the image, the conversation takes place below the image. You will be able to chat back and forth between the person or persons that you sent the message to. These messages were referred to as “Moments” during the announcement and they will all live in your inbox. They can also be re-visited later. And users will get a notification of new messages in the upper right corner of the Instagram app.

Basically, Instagram Direct is about having a conversation around an image. There is one important aspect here — your Instagram inbox is not going to be spammed and overflowing. Instagram has this set so anyone can send anyone an image, however you will only receive inbox notifications from those you follow. Hence, no overflowing inbox of message spam. Otherwise, any new messages from those you don’t follow will show up in the pending request section of the app.



To paraphrase, send a pic and talk under the comments.... Nobody else can see... Unless she screenshots you and posts it up for everyone like 10000s of the heaux will


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so its basically just incorporated snapchat with no timer

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