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Feeling Natalie Sawyer / Georgie Thompson – @officiallyGT Charlotte Jackson – @charloujackson Charlie Webster – @charliecw Kirsty Gallacher Olivia Godfrey –

Hayley McQueen showing fantastic form once again. Built like a prize Stallion.

so these broads wanna flaunt there bits and wears in photoshoots,

then Andy Grey gets done for objectifying them, hmmmm

(disclaimer- i dont agree with what went on, just that its hard for people to take to the morale high ground on them issues but also flaunt around in those kinds of shoots)

anyway, there was one on on Thursday daytime/evening who was something else.

Georgie doesn't really do it for me looks wise but the voice is a winner.

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Ahh so thats who is doing the night shift (Olivia Godfrey) she's cute.

Hayley McQueen's boobs :Y: (Sorry to go all Keys and Grey) but imagine smashing that!

SSN know what they are doing, have to put on a good looking female who knows her stuff.

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