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Pmsl reset ur levels fam

why dont you go and die somewhere? you f*ck*ng computer c*nt faced c*nt.

Wow u got it bad for her huh?

This must be like winning the lottery for u...no more Facebook stalking/frapping now u can actually see ur dream wifeys deadout body

Gwarn bruddah!

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brilliant sex tape imo, she f*cked like a champ, the audio was annoying and camera quality, but worth a fap

j dillah

hi guys I searched about tashie then this forum came up Do u guys get sex tapes usually or what

Just watched it her ex man was on big mouth when she got booted she made him look waste when she said he loved her so much if she found love in the house he would not mind

thats how the forum attracts new users like the exposure threads and riots pages being locked if you dont sign in

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