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brilliant sex tape imo, she f*cked like a champ, the audio was annoying and camera quality, but worth a fap

j dillah

hi guys I searched about tashie then this forum came up Do u guys get sex tapes usually or what

Tashie Jackson Twitter

What a horrendous day and its about to get a whole lot worse :( on route to see the rock in my life: my mummy. Hope she can comfort me :(
Never felt so low in my whole life :( don't feel like talking to anyone at the moment.. Want to fly away
Ex boyfriends can be such wankers! What happens privately is personal not for the world!
Worst night sleep of my life :( feeling so hurt right now
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Kurious, J lovely and Soca and Gemma who I am not sure is a chick but some dumb stuff what is posted in the sports room can prob prove she is a girl or another Tulse sleeper account

they are not really regular posters, not like how it was before

this place is baron

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