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brilliant sex tape imo, she f*cked like a champ, the audio was annoying and camera quality, but worth a fap

j dillah

hi guys I searched about tashie then this forum came up Do u guys get sex tapes usually or what

lol when u google vip2 is the third result

and it says 'FROM BIG BROTHER WITH THE BIG NOSE' as the tagline :lol:

shes most prob googled it herself and seen this tagline loool

shes prob even signed up who knows

this thread is like the webbootie.com thread

everytime the website is feature on wshhthe thread gets 100+guests

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Cool story bro

My mum is a qualified teacher deputy head, what does your mum do mate?

Oh and you forgot to type your achievements your mum is so proud of. Wasted guy dad should of burst you on your mums face during conception your a waste of a life

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sorry a bit off topic but all you guests obviously like fappin over "urban models" then check http://www.youtube.com/ukurbanmodel but listen I asked Tashie to feature and her managers starts gassing about how she is not allowed to do "urban stuff" true say im starting to think the jealous ex dropped the video and if so hes ruined that poor girls life yeah she is young now but one day she will be a mum have kids etc and who knows when that video may pop up again

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