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^ done more for blacks than u ever will

Nah I ain't on helping pussyholes get rich of next mans talent

funny how you got 8 pos's whilst we are still economically backward.   The Met also released figures for people charged with what it called “knife-enabled robberies.” These figures showed that of th

:lol: if a guy is making money, why you mad?

I'm not mad it the truth guys an annoying prick

Oh sh*t I forgot he's a black man doing his thing so I should support him

'a guy' = 'a black man' in your mind?


don't think anyone's supporting, you just seem angry


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Guest petercrotch

Nver in my life would i work for sbtv . Happy for jamal but i think he needs abit more colour , i've noticed his whole team bar one are all white . He will slowly but surely loose full control of his ish .

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According to them I wouldn't be considered

Please note that graduates and degree holders will not be considered as part of the shortlisting criteria for this vacancy

wtf? is it sum kind of charity position? you could just lie.......

And no, i wouldn't do that job it's not the kind of thing i'm looking for, but if i was i would happily apply.

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