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These white boys are on dis ting........

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A GUNMAN forced two prison officers to release a lag outside a hospital last night.

The ambush happened as Andrew Farndon, 26, was being taken for treatment after allegedly being stabbed.

Farndon, a GBH offender serving an indeterminate sentence for the protection of the public, was being taken to A&E from Highpoint Prison, Stradishall, Suffolk.

He and the gunman fled to a car near West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds. No one was hurt.


Dramatic escape ... John Anslow

It was the second dramatic escape this week, after murder suspect John Anslow, 31, was sprung on Monday when a gang attacked a van taking him to court.

A Prison Service inquiry will probe how Anslow — charged with the murder of skip hire boss Richard Deakin, 41 — set up the breakout. But The Sun can reveal he had two mobile phones at Hewell Prison, Worcs.

An insider said a "Scouse inmate" arranged for them to be hurled over a wall.

The source added: "Anslow paid £750 for the pair. It's obvious now he used them to plan the breakout."

Police offered a £10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the "dangerous" fugitive.

A security worker, 44, was bailed last night after being held in Tipton, West Mids, on Monday on suspicion of involvement in the escape. The Ministry of Justice refused to discuss reports that he has Prison Service links, or that the breakout was an "inside job."


Ambush ... Andrew Farndon was being taken to West Suffolk Hospital

DETECTIVES hunting a murder suspect who was sprung from a prison van have offered a £10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Staffordshire Police put up the money in the search for John Anslow — who has been charged with the gun killing of a businessman.

Det Supt Martin Evans said: "We're hoping this sizeable reward will encourage those who know where Anslow might be to come forward."

He added that officers were following several lines of inquiry.

Anslow, 31, of Bilston, West Mids — was sprung from the van by an armed gang while on his way from a jail near Redditch, Worcs, to Stafford Crown Court on Monday.

A 44-year-old man was later arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

Det Supt Evans said: "We would remind people that Anslow is considered very dangerous."

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Two guys this week when they get caught though be a next ting come

Like that guy from Newcastle who they freed and he went Spain when they caught him his security was dumb helicopters and all sorts

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mexico would be a good place to hide

nice women, food and weather

and i dont think theres and extradition treaty

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i dont know how they can travel out the country even with a fake passport as there face is everywhere

i know someone who missed his community service to go on holiday and never told probation and feds were waiting and arrested him at the airport when he got back

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my neighbour drives a pizza delivery bike at night

and has a Q7.

he colombian.



when white peeps get investigated by feds is it Trident that does it?

lol@ the met only now looking into dropping that racist 'trident' tag.

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but he didnt die. thats motivation

enough analysis. some people will sell their mothers for 50k

telling me same breh wont stay in darkness for $22m.

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