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WWE Royal Rumble 2012: Live Streaming, Start Time and PPV Info

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May jet watch it for nostigalia

25 years and all


3 = the most times winner stone cold

62 = the longest amount of mins rey was in ring and won

37= the amount of ppl Shawn Michaels has thrown out the ring

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Punk HAS to main event Wrestlemania as champion. They can't par him like that.

I'd expect him to retain it, Daniel Bryan to lose at EC, and Sheamus to pick Punk.

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nah for WM

Punk v Jericho is nailed on but dnno if it will be for title or not...most likely scenario is jericho wins it at elmination chamber and Punk gets the WM win.


WM is looking like

The Rock v John Cena

Undertaker v HHH w/ HBK as guest referee(or maybe triple threat)

Chris Jericho V CM Punk (WWE Title)

Sheamus v Randy Orton v Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Title)

Big Show v Shaq

reckon Orton wins the belt at Elimination chamber...sheamus decided to face him and Bryan cashes in his rematch.....only if takers match aint triple threat

also talk of MITB former world champ edition..

we will see after the next PPV


also wwe title elminaton contestants

Chris Jericho:: 6'0 220lbs,

CM Punk 6'2 218lbs

Dolph Ziggler 6'0 213lbs,

Kofi Kingston 6'0 212lbs,

R-Truth 6'2 220lbs,

The Miz 6'2 220lbs

all eligible for the former cruiser weight division

thats what wwe lists them as im sure all are a little shorter and weigh a lot less....swear jericho is like 5"9

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