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One girl I was dealing with before Christmas

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Ahahahaaahahahah! That air max guy's hugo?? f*ck OFF! It all adds up, fed mum, private school, big back off, science course in manchester. the girls name is taysha shes from crouch end. loooooooooool

:lmao: Creasing at how he switched his style up as well. I could of sworn he was talking about the Goddess Isis herself in the opening post. Now it's "so what if he pressed her too?", like she's th

Alternate 1

In reality the guy went through when she was vulnerable, she didn't enjoy it and now hates herself. Now shes trying to turn the negative into a positive to drag you back in. From when she was telling you she was slicing up herself that was the first attempt which never got off the ground so now she gone to plan B.

Alternate 2

her story is probably complete sh*t and never happened.

Strong bars.


If a girl has been raped I don't think her "unofficial boyfriend" is the 1st person she txt's to be honest.

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More time I wouldn't even care, but I know how this girl is she aint lying, she's just overly gullible and naive. That's what you get if you stay in single sex private education until you're 18. If she don't wanna report it then I don't know why I'm caring if she aint but it's bunnin' me for some reason.

One of my bredrins does this as well. Paints stories about people based on their background. Her parents are this do she doesn't do that... She went private school so reh reh.

Them kinda kids can be worse than people from ends, trust me.

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She's one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet, cute little lighty with backoff for days but she's overly insecure, them ones who genuinely don't know their own beauty. Private schooled, straight A*s and is now doing some Science course up north. We met after an a-level results party and we were linking for a good few months, she went off to uni and so did I but we were still tight and spoke how we'd try and make sh*t official in the xmas holidays. Holidays came now and this girl was way too infatuated with me, I couldn't cope with it. Her insecurity levels were getting to me, every time I'd go raving she'd be pinging me off to see if I wasn't with another girl or if any girl would post anything on my FB wall she'd get all emosh so I decided to dead it and say let's be friends. Worst idea ever, girl starts crying, telling me how she's been cutting herself, how she's never met someone like me before reh reh reh so I'm thinking f*ck, I don't want nothing on my head so I tell her that i'm seeing another girl on a friendly tip and she should do the same.

So boom back to the topic title now, I was at Westwood's rave on Saturday night in Greenwich and she was pinging me off as usual whenever I'm out but this time but I air her until I'm on my way to work on Sunday. She BBM'd me this...





She's saying how she doesn't want to go to the police because it was all her fault and how her mum will find out (because her mum's a high ranked fed for the met). I'm feeling to just go myself and report it, either that or I find who the guy was and end up flying a bird.


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someone tries to rape poirot i aint whispering dont couple times and let it continue on a cba flex

then text my aloof gf out on a hen night with a casual and saucy description of the events complaining about the lack of foreplay

yr being pissed at brother

once thse hoes reach the hell hath no fury stage it really is considered best form to just keep it moving right along

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'only lasted a few minutes'

these are the chosen phrasings of a rape victim? rape sounds very casual and slightly disappointing for her

it sounds like u want to believe in the innocence of this creature above any logic and her simple game is enough to get you ready to die for her honour

wash your face with cold water and text back lol next time u receive something similar

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