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Aaron Rambo Ramsey - Goal Talley

The New Diaby

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Hes what, 21 years old, he doesnt/shouldnt have to play every game. Let him develop without the the pressure of playing week in week out and being expected to do something everytime. Very few young players can do that.

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To be fair to the lad, you just have to look at the response of his team mates around him.

Always one pass too late and always one pass too soon - never knows when take responsibility.

He's a great sideways passer but when it comes to replicating Cesc, Scholes, Lampard he falls short in pretty much every department.

When I remember his performance and goal against Fenerbache I thought we had a great talent on our hands.

But he's regressed into his shell and become a jerriatrick, jeckle n hyde sort of player.

Wouldn't mind seeing him being forced out of the club by other emerging talents, Olsson, Jebb, Ozyakup.

When he looks back on his Arsenal career I think he'll say he could of done better.

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Lets not fool ourselves Aaron Ramsey will never be the midfielder that we need him to be, sad reality but the truth. He belongs at a club where he can operate within the bare necessities of his role, we need more from him and he can't provide that. The 21 excuse is poor, his awareness of the game is severely lacking, in comparison to Wilshere's and Chamberlain's its actually embarrassing. Every time he needs to provide that ball that we need into Van Persie or whoever happens to be free in front of goal, we get a tentative tap across the middle instead, more than often to Song who then has to provide the ball that should have been put in 30 seconds before, such a frustrating player to watch. Need Wilshere back asap.

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