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Aaron Rambo Ramsey - Goal Talley

The New Diaby

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He cant play that attacking midfield role tbh

I dont understand Wengers logic tbh, last season people wanted to see Wilshere in the hole, but wenger said nah, hes gonna sit back a bit, and do a job defensively, because it will make him a better player

whereas Rambo just got thrown into the deep end, put in that position, when hes not even attack minded enough

He could potentially be a a long term replacement for that Arteta role, he needs to improve on his passing game though,

but with some new signings hes prob a squad player

All im gonna is, look back at what some man were saying about rvp, this is his FIRST FULL season playing in the premier league

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Ramsey and Jack will never be Cesc...

Ramsey for me however I expect goals from him, he has three, same amount as Yossi...

Plus Wenger is forcing him game time, same shit he did with Denilson and we know how well that ended...

Wenger clearly really believes in this guy but Ramsey seems to lack composure, vision and confidence, and I'm amazed under Wenger he hasn't improved in these aspects...

Watching him and Walcott trying to string offensive moves together with so much lack of tek can be painful at times.

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Ramsey got thrown into the mix to soon tbh, needed another few years of shadowing Nasri and Cesc's game but obviously things didn't work out like that.

Wengers hand got forced and here we are. I have faith Ramsey will come good, probably need someone more established to come in and take the pressure away from him. I mean at times where he was our creative outlet you could see him crumbling.

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When I look into Rambo's eyes in recent videos on Arsenal.com and the way he speaks I get a great sense of a young man that's depressed and finds it hard to come out of his shell around such a fast paced, demanding and multi cultural environment.

He seems like a lovely lad, one of those who loves going back to his home town meeting all his friends and family.

Really hope he can try and adapt to the big time, he has the potential too.

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I was giving him stick last season but now hes repaying Wengers faith with dividends. He's getting more and more confident every match and you know Wilshere is looking at him like rah i can't let this welshman steal my shine. Hopefully that helps him step up too

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