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Sony apologises for Whitney Houston price hike

Sony has apologised for putting up the price of two Whitney Houston albums shortly after her death.

The price of Houston's 'Ultimate Collection' and 'Greatest Hits' went up by £3 hours after the news of her passing. The price rise then fed through to iTunes.

Whitney Houston was found dead in her bath in a Hollywood hotel room on Saturday.

The move provoked fury across the Internet and Twitter where fans slammed the increase as 'shameful'.

In a statement, the record label said: "Whitney Houston product was mistakenly mispriced on the UK iTunes store on Sunday. When discovered, the mistake was immediately corrected.

"We apologise for any offence caused."

Houston's death has sent record sales soaring in both the US and the UK. Her smash hit song 'I Will Always Love You', which featured in 'The Bodyguard', is currently at number one in the iTunes chart

It is reported that at least seven of the late singer's songs are to enter the UK Top 40 on Sunday.

Houston died on Saturday at the age of 48. The singing sensation, who sold over 170 million albums, singles and videos worldwide during her five-decade-long music career, is to be buried on Saturday in the church where she sang as a youngster.

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When artist die their artwork goes up in value so don't really see the problem

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makes perfect business sense tbh

duno why they're apologising

Came in to say this. If people are gonna buy it at a higher price, I'm gonna sell it at a higher price. If its in high demand but only from one source, I'm gonna charge more for it.

Only people that haven't thought this through complain about this.

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