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i cant believe people actually still watch wrestling...   i mean i actually cannot believe it

The womens match was peak   as soon as it came on in the stadium they changed the lights and the glare was fucked, couldnt even see the ring. whole crowd chanting "we cant see" iknew le

Problem is there's only so far they can push these guys until the inevitable happens and they have to put over someone that Vince wants to push. Seen it happen too many times. Big E looked strong in

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Hopefully its better than last year, cause that one sucked.

Cena vs Rock will be epic, match might be fine but the crowd responses are going to be something else.

Caught Smackdown early morn and the Bryan vs CM Punk match was great, D-Bry needs to wrestle more smaller guys not the massive over the hill waste of space ones however Sheamus will win the belt.

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Taker will win on they cant get rid of the streak swear man only fights at wrestlemania now (bit of a par on guys who have been putting in work all year but he has put in many years of service I remember his debut at survior series 1990 still have the vhs when million dollor man brought him out and he came out with brother love)
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LOL where did this come from?

Think someone asked Punk via the magical world of Twitter what he thought of Chris Brown winning a Grammy than this f you to the haters, he had his say, they went back and forth, Punk said he'd choke him out. Brown made some beyond cringe worthy response (reminded me of some users on here) + some sh*t about steroids, then we come to this and more media publicity for Punk, got on Hot97, TMZ, dunno where next but hey its working.

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Hope its not like last year.

Thing is how they gonna end it?

Rock can't lose; someone correct me but he's never lost wrestlemania and would be a good way for him to go out of his career.

Cena's rep is destroyed, he has to win to rebuild.

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The Rock's record at Wrestlemania is 4 wins and 4 losses.

I wouldn't be surprised if they put Cena over, needs to be a straight fight/brawl and none of this headlock, rest hold business. Then they allow The Rock to bow out at the end with a Wrestlemania moment.

Then throw in the temptation of HBK vs HHH next year, him costing HHH in the match, not like they'd ever allow 'Taker to lose.

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Then throw in the temptation of HBK vs HHH next year

You reckon?

I wouldn't be surprised if they tried. The seeds look planted in the last few weeks just teasing problems, HBK being better than HHH, this getting him to agree to a match, the bickering and the fact HBK will cost HHH the match I believe. The Rock has said he'll be at WM29 wrestling next year, CM Punk anyone?

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