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Problem is there's only so far they can push these guys until the inevitable happens and they have to put over someone that Vince wants to push. Seen it happen too many times.

Big E looked strong in NXT especially with the 5 count gimmick. Then just before he won the IC belt they had him lose clean back 2 back against Orton and Del Rio to make them look good going into their heavyweight title defences against Bryan and Cena at the time. Really they should have kept Big E away from them so that when he makes it to the main event against Orton he could be booked as a genuine threat that he hasn't faced yet rather than someone that Orton has already beat.

I remember when after Cody Rhodes made the IC belt relevant again with his title run The Miz had it and got squashed by Ryback in a non title matchvwhich him and the belt look weak again.

With Ryback's 'Goldberg push' when he was starting to get over they made the mistake of not putting a mid card belt on him like when Goldberg beat Raven for the US belt and instead tried to rush him into the main event where he went on a ppv losing streak putting over Punk and Cena and hasn't recovered since. Apparently backstage politics involving Cena telling Vince he's not ready played a part in his push ending.

Sandow hasn't recovered since they didn’t let him win the title after he tried to cash it on Super Cena.

They tried to kill off Lesnar's momentum before it could even get started by having him lose to Cena on his return.

Triple H couldn't even put his ego aside and put over Punk in their match when Punk was over. Then there was the fact that Punk was booked like a mid card champion when he had the WWE belt. Like at 'Over The Limit 2012' when a Punk vs Bryan title match was on the undercard because the main event was John Laurinaitis vs Cena, smh.

Nexus was the best thing to happen to company in years until Cena buried them. Edge talked about this on Jericho's podcast.

Ryder never stood a chance because he got himself over with his youtube videos and the majority of the time Vince doesn't like pushing something he didn't create.

They fucked up Ziggler big time. Got one of the biggest crowd reactions of the year when he cashed in the briefcase for the heavyweight title and then less than a year later he's jobbing left, right and centre and struggling to get on Raw and ppv's and losing IC #1 contender matches to Fandango. And they fucked up Fandango's push tok.

Cesaro is that guy right now. His match with Sami Zayn was a classic. Still think they should have brought up Chris Hero and reunited the Kings Of Wrestling tag team instead of putting him with 'Lacks Swagger'

Bray Wyatt is one of the best heels in the business right now. I just hope they haven't built him up and made him look strong so that Super Cena can be the one that finally stops him at WrestleMania, smh.

The Shield has been stealing the show on a weekly basis. Hopefully if they put them in a triple threat match at WrestleMania so they can have one of the matches of the year. Then Reigns and Rollins turn face and Ambrose has to be kept as a heel.

You know this company is dumb when as popular as Bryan is they got salty because of the yes chants during the Authority/Cena/Orton promo and tried to turn him heel until the mainstream attention the yes chants was getting put a stop to that ridiculous idea.

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i cant believe people actually still watch wrestling...   i mean i actually cannot believe it

The womens match was peak   as soon as it came on in the stadium they changed the lights and the glare was fucked, couldnt even see the ring. whole crowd chanting "we cant see" iknew le

Problem is there's only so far they can push these guys until the inevitable happens and they have to put over someone that Vince wants to push. Seen it happen too many times. Big E looked strong in

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Thats what I love about cesaro he does new stuff I have never seen before keeps stuff fresh

I like what Bret hart & RVD were saying last year in their interviews about innovators and you can never do everything in the ring there is always room for new stuff


TBF, he does old stuff.............just really good!


The big swing, I can't remember a wrestler to use it tbh, but it is still innovating!

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Best wrestling related post I've read in a long time Agony, kudos.


Pretty much share the same opinion on what you've said. A couple of good things about Nexus disbanding are Bray Wyatt not being Husky Harris - even though some dumb jerk offs tried to chant that making themselves look like they're the shit when in relate they are just pieces of shit. It's like seeing a good looking chick in the crowd chanting at something, then you get involved just to impress - Nah it fails mark.


Daniel Bryan - funny how he was "fired" at one point now look where he is.


Ideally, he'd win tonight but you can see Orton doing it and going up against Batista for WM. DB needs to be taken to the next level. The fact your own "universe" are all behind him more so than either of the men who look like they'll be in the main event is funny. Should he be against Triple H - or even worse Kane, and lose, just get ready for a similar reception to what happened when he lost to Shaemus. 


The 'E have their dream matches of using their own talent especially in WM main events. Right now Orton is so cold as a character, no momentum, barely any heat with the crowd - heck they're chanting for other wrestlers during his matches. 


Vince said Punk is on a "sabbatical". I don't think he'll be back for the next year at least.


So where does Cena go for WM. Expected to be with Bray Wyatt, I suppose that will pick up tomorrow after the seeds being planted last month. That's a HUGE push for Bray, he won't win but hopefully he's put over strong. 


Loving The Shield vs Wyatts, now this is a match that should've been in the chamber.

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is pretty reliable


Just in case you dont know this is on sky sports Last time man was watching a stream because I never knew it was on sky sports joke ting

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Last chance to save the main event of WrestleMania by having Bryan win tonight. Then you have Orton say he's not gonna miss out on the main event and will use his rematch clause on that night to turn the match into a triple threat with Bryan, Orton and Batista.

But the way Orton has been booked with all these losses against the other challengers it's bait he's gonna win tonight.


C/S about the good things that came from Nexus disbanding. Yeah the Husky Harris chants was annoying. The NXT crowd sat back and gave the new character a chance to grow and develop and then he comes to Raw and you got a few idiots in the crowd trying to start a bandwagon to kill the push before it's even started.

And the yeah the Wyatt's vs The Shield should have been in the chamber. But with rules similar to WCW's War Games so you have them entering one by one but you don’t have any eliminations(that way Bray and Roman don't have to get pinned and you can save a one on one face off between them for another occasion like Summerslam or next year's WrestleMania).


Big E & The Uso's>>>>

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